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Guru Nanak Food Pantry

The Guru Nanak Food Pantry is a collaboration of United Sikhs and the Orange County Second Harvest Food Bank. The Pantry derived its purpose to serve the greater Orange County area from a cornerstone tradition in the Sikh faith known as langar, which literally means kitchen and spiritually can be defined as sacred food service or divine dining.

Historically, Guru Angad Dev Jis wife, Mata Khiviji, planned and organized langar when people gathered for spiritual darbar during the times of Guru Nanak and continued the tradition through Guru Arjan Dev ji. Mata Khivi and community members worked as a team to provide fresh, hot, and healthy food for everyone who gathered and this is how the tradition of langar began. The concept of Langar is based on the following three Sikh principles:

  • Kirat karo Earning a living through honest work and effort.
  • Vand chakko Sharing ones income, resources and time with the less fortunate.
  • Naam japna Being in a state of constant awareness of His presence and cognizant of his benevolence.

These central Sikh values and traditions have culminated into establishing the Guru Nanak Food Pantry which is run by local volunteers with the purpose of serving anyone in need. The concept of exporting langar from the Gurudwara to the local community is central to the idea of having a Sikh faith based food pantry, and is the sole motivation for the volunteers.

Location: 14511 Franklin Ave, suite 160 Tustin, CA 92780.

Open every Saturday 8:30- 11:30 am

To donate or volunteer email: or call Daljeet Singh OR Arinder S. Chadha: 714-357-6804.