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Community Voice

A Vaisakhi 2006 Message From All UNITED SIKHS Volunteers

Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa!

Vahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We salute all Sikhs who celebrate Vaisakhi today - an event that took place in the hills of Anandpur Sahib in 1699. But really, the Khalsa is older than the Anandpur Hills – it is as old as Truth. Guru Nanak, the First Sikh Master, spoke of the universality of Truth when he stripped religions of labels. Guru Gobind Singh - the Tenth Master, revealed the Form of that Truth - the Khalsa.

As volunteers of UNITED SIKHS we have found that Seva and Simran are the ‘wings that we need to fly home’ to Anandpur Sahib – where we were born – free and without fear. Our actions are our Form. Everyday we find that the proof of the Khalsa is in his/her actions.

We are reminded today that we are the Khalsa, but only if we can enjoin our five senses to serve as the fauj (army) and mauj (pleasure) of the Akaal Purakh. Not only do we serve by giving our head but also by feeling sweet pleasure in so doing.

In a world gripped with fear since 9/11, we find that our Form is being defined by a fight to wear the Dastaar (Turban) or Kirpan. We battle to convince others that the Dastaar is not a fetish. That the Kirpan is not an offensive weapon.

UNITED SIKHS volunteers serve in humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy projects throughout the world. Yesterday a UNITED SIKHS volunteer responded to a request for Sikh literature from a Sikh in a UK prison. Last week, a UNITED SIKHS volunteer helped a refugee center in the Netherlands deal with a Sikh family who was being forced to return to Afghanistan , where there is no guarantee of religious freedom. This week, a UNITED SIKHS advocacy volunteer wrote a letter to a postmaster in California to allow a Sikh postman to wear a Dastaar turban. The week before, our volunteers in Panjab delivered 200 Kakkars to Chati Singhpura a village in the Mattan district of Kashmir, where 133 Sikhs were initiated during an Amrit Sanchar ceremony. Community education classes run by UNITED SIKHS interns and volunteers will begin in New York next month. A teenage volunteer who completed an internship in Panjab this month says she has been humbled. Next week a weary volunteer returns to the UK after a pilot study for a Make Poverty History project in Panjab. UNITED SIKHS is now helping FBI trace a missing Sikh teenager whilst providing advocacy support to the family.

At UNITED SIKHS, we are proud and hopeful that many Vaisakhis like this will come. We are proud to be Sikhs and grateful to unite into a global Sadh Sangat.  We stand together again in awe, grateful for the teachings of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the leadership of the Guru Panth. We marvel at the transcendent power that comes when humans leap selflessly into service and social justice activism. We pray to be simple, humble and brave.

We ask for the courage we need to address the suffering, fear, pain and horror we are called to overcome at this time, in ourselves and others. We ask for Divine guidance and we give sincere thanks for the resources and the volunteers needed to effectively defend and nurture the desperate.

At UNITED SIKHS, we feel at peace today, knowing that we are ready. We are ready to respond quickly and effectively to each call for help, small or large, Sikh or non-Sikh. We are excited with our successes, and we joyfully celebrate how UNITED SIKHS has joined in seva with humble volunteers from many countries, religions, cultures, and vocations.

 At UNITED SIKHS, we are proud and peaceful people today, working as ONE , for the good of all, protecting the health, peace and freedom of life on this beautiful blue-green gem of a planet.

The Khalsa serves the Universal Divine Teacher – Akaal Purakh  

Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa!

Vahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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Issued by:
UNITED SIKHS volunteers

Our Mission

To transform underprivileged and minority communities and individuals into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs, by fostering active participation in social and economic activity.

UNITED SIKHS is also an avenue for networking between like-minded organisations to establish and nurture meaningful projects and dialogues - whether social, cultural or political- to promote harmony, understanding and reciprocity in our villages, towns and cities.

UNITED SIKHS is a coalition of organisations and individuals, who share a common vision based on the belief that there is no greater endeavour than to serve, empower and uplift fellow beings. The core of our philosophy is an unwavering commitment to civic service and social progress on behalf of the common good.

Accordingly, UNITED SIKHS has sought to fulfil its mission not only by informing, educating and uplifting fellow beings but also by participating in cross-cultural and political exchanges to ensure that the promises and benefits of democracy are realized by all.

We at UNITED SIKHS believe that the development of enlightened and progressive societies can be made possible by socially conscious groups of people who make a commitment to develop and direct human potential. Our work, efforts and achievements stand as a testament to our faith in this vision.