Following the footsteps of Bhai Ghanaia, UNITED SIKHS is now leading the efforts of providing relief aid in Panay Islands of Philippines, where thousands are homeless and not much had been done until UNITED SIKHS arrival. UNITED SIKHS' teams have already provided aid to over 1,000 families in the Antique province. Each bag distributed to victims contain items for basic necessities to maintain hygiene and nutrition. Please view the album by clicking here.

UNITED SIKHS Sikh Aid team has pursued almost 20 different relief efforts around the world, whether its Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, or Japan Tsunami or floods in Panjab. UNITED SIKHS was one of the first organizations to provided 5,000 meals a day in Haiti after the massive earthquake in 2010. The organization was instrumental in setting up water treatment plants as well in Haiti.

Sponsor A Home- Despite these efforts, our work is yet to begin. Millions are without homes in the Philippines. It costs about $750* to build one home. What we are requesting is that you and members of your sangat take this opportunity to SPONSOR A HOME. Rebuilding one home rebuilds one family's hope for a normal life again.

Our fundraising goal is about $200,000 within the next two months to assure we have the food and necessities to continue to provide for these families and to send more volunteers to the Philippines.

Note: We apologize we had misstated the cost of reconstructing a home as 450USD rather than the actual 750USD.

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Issued By:
Gurvinder Singh
Director, UNITED SIKHS Aid
Tel: 1-646-688-3525
Fax: 1-810-885-4264


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