STARAE Scholarships Extended to 39 Students in Pakistan.
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“The literacy rate among Sikhs and other minority communities in Peshawar, especially for girls, is very poor. Girls in the tribal areas seldom get the opportunity to go to school due to the war against terrorism and poor socioeconomic status of the community in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federal Administrator Tribal Areas (FATA). The STARAE scholarship project will make a difference to the lives of the needy especially those who belong to the FATA region,” Said Herdyal Singh, Project Coordinator UNITED SIKHS, Pakistan. ” Said Herdyal Singh, Project Coordinator UNITED SIKHS, Pakistan.


Peshawar, Pakistan: UNITED SIKHS extended its STARAE scholarship project, in September 2013, to needy students from families who are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Peshawar. After three months 75% of the 39 STARAE scholars have shown an improvement in their studies and 90 percent have achieved ‘A’ grades in their term test.

Under the STARAE project extra tuition was given to weak students and written tests were conducted for all scholars by UNITED SIKHS in order to monitor their progress. The STARAE scholarship covers monthly school tuition fee, expenses for books, stationery, uniform, warm clothes, transport, extra tuition and other educational expenses.

“We have been able to see an improvement because parents who were motivated by the financial help they received showed greater responsibility towards their children’s education. We have also informed the STARAE scholars that they will be rewarded if they maintain ‘A’ grades for their year-end exams,” said Herdyal Singh. Details of the performance of the STARAE scholars can be read here .

The STARAE project was started by UNITED SIKHS in rural Panjab in 2004 and since 2010 it has funded the education of about 100 Siklighar kids in the Sultanpuri Colony in Delhi. STARAE, which stands for Scholarships as Tool to Accelerate and Revive Academic Education, was extended in 2013 to 39 students in Pakistan with support from Pinderpal Singh through the Bangkok Singh Sabha Gurdwara Education Fund.

Meeting with parents to brief them about STARAE scholarships

Group photo of STARAE scholars in Peshawar

Under the STARAE project in Peshawar UNITED SIKHS pays the fees and other expenses directly to the schools of the sponsored children. The students who do well will also be helped to study at a local university. This project provides an opportunity to deserving students who belong to backward areas and also those who otherwise would not have the financial means to pursue a school or college education. Read about STARAE at

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