Sikhs Stand in Solidarity with Italian Quake Victims

Fabriano, Italy: UNITED SIKHS' Rishiwant Singh landed in Italy on August 30, 2016 to provide relief to the earthquake victims. An earthquake, measuring 6.2 ± 0.016 on the moment magnitude scale, hit Central Italy on 24 August 2016 at 03:36:32 CEST (01:36 UTC) causing a lot of destruction to the life and the property. A total of 292 people were reported dead. Of the 292 victims, 242 were from Amatrice and Accumoli.
Image showing epicentre of the Italy Earthquake. Source:
UNITED SIKHS and Sikhs of Italy marching towards centre of the city of Fabriano expressing solidarity with the quake victims
UNITED SIKHS volunteers, the Sikh Sangat of Italy Gurudwaras and other Sikhs from Italy gathered in Fabriano on September 03, 2016 to show their solidarity with the Italians who lost loved ones during the recent quake when hundreds perished in three ancient villages on August 24, 2016. Led by UNITED SIKHS' Rishiwant Singh and Fabriano Gurudwara Manager Major Singh, the Sikhs took out a march in the city to Centro of Fabriano and served tea whilst talking to members of the public who were curious about the gathering of turbaned Sikhs. This event was organized as a token of compassion towards our Italian brothers and sisters who are still recovering from trauma of the devastating earthquake that hit last week.
UNITED SIKHS sevadar serving tea and speaking to Italian woman and her kids
A state funeral was held in Amatrice on August 30, 2016 where 37 of the Italian earthquake victims from the city were laid to rest. Among the mourners were PM Matteo Renzi and President Sergio Mattarella. UNITED SIKHS was also in attendance on the behalf of the Sikh Community.
Our Humanitarian Aid Representative Rishiwant Singh along with President of Terni Gurdwara Raghwinder Singh
and three other members of gursangat arrived at Amatrice to attend the state funeral of Italy Quake victims.
Rishiwant Singh is UNITED SIKHS Asia Pacific Director who has been involved in UNITED SIKHS Humanitarian Aid missions since the 2004 December Boxing Day Tsunami in Aceh, which was the biggest non government/military humanitarian aid mission by Sikhs in living memory in the world. He attended the state funeral along with Sikh sangat from Gurdwara Terni, Italy to stand in solidarity with the families of the victims.
A few other groups of UNITED SIKHS volunteers were unable to get to the Amartice village site as some of the mountainous roads were still inaccessible due to the debris which blocked the route. Helicopters were seen transporting the coffins to the burial grounds and Italian army personnel, who were instrumental in the search and rescue, were seen in full force conducting the ceremony.
"The locals who are still trying to apprehend this shocking disaster were grateful to see UNITED SIKHS come a long way to show our solidarity and lend our support. The authorities will let us know what kind of help is needed as soon as they do all the assessment of damage", said Rishiwant Singh. UNITED SIKHS will be launching a humanitarian relief project shortly with the help of the locals Sikhs in and around Amatrice.

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