Updates and Community Rally details for Hate Crime Victim Sandeep Singh, NY.

SANDEEP SINGH run over by a pickup truck
In critical condition in the hospital

A Rally will be held today on August 5, 2014 at 10:00 am on 99th St. and 101 Ave. in Queens, NY to show the community's solidarity with Mr. Sandeep Singh and his family.

Queens, NY- Earlier yesterday, UNITED SIKHS staff, volunteers and local Sikh leaders met with senior police officials at the 102nd Precinct in Queens, NY to discuss the progress of the investigations in alleged hate motivated case involving Mr. Sandeep Singh. Concerns were expressed regarding the slow pace of the investigations. We were assured that a complete and comprehensive investigation will take place and the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Mr. Sandeep Singh was nearly killed past Wednesday morning outside of his office on 99th Street in Ozone Park, Queens, NY. It was reported that a racial slur was yelled at Mr. Singh from a pickup truck while he was crossing the street. When he protested, the driver of the truck provoked a confrontation and eventually ran his truck over Mr. Singh and drove away. Mr. Singh was dragged roughly thirty feet down 101st Avenue. His body finally came loose from the truck, which kept going.

Mr. Singh is 29-years-old and is a father of two. He is currently recuperating at a local hospital. Today, he was expected to undergo further surgical and skin grafting procedures.

A gathering is being organized today, August 5, 2014 at 10:00 am at 99th Street and 101 Avenue in Queens, NY to show the community's solidarity with Mr. Sandeep Singh and his family.

With the two-year anniversary of the tragedy of Oak Creek also upon us, it is vital we stand together. We urge community members to unite and attend the gathering.

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