Sikhs Adopt Neglected Neighborhoods During Texas Cleanup
UNITED SIKHS volunteers in Houston, Texas
TEXAS, USA: Box trucks, cleaning supplies and manpower from all corners of the country have now descended into Southeast Texas. This week volunteers from UNITED SIKHS will assist residents as they begin the long road to recovery in the aftermath of tropical storm Harvey.
"Many of our volunteers have taken time off of work to come out and help. They realize the need is just that great. Neighborhoods look more like lakes, and the stores have become mini pools of contaminated water. We're in the beginning phases of a recovery effort that may take years to overcome," Gurvinder Singh of UNITED SIKHS said.
Underwater & Overlooked
The UNITED SIKHS strategy is to adopt neighborhoods. After a bit of reconnaissance, volunteers have identified three neighborhoods that have been either overlooked or have received little assistance. Neighborhoods like French Chateau, which are still under as much as five feet of water. Over the weekend, volunteers there set up a distribution site outside of one woman's home and invited neighbors to come and pick up supplies and other goods there.
"Our teams are going around to various sites and shelters and are finding that there is a great need of cleaning supplies and personal hygiene kits, so that's what we've purchased. We're requesting each person to make donation today by texting HOUSTON2017 to 91999," Singh said.
Over the weekend volunteers provided 2,500 hot meals to storm victims and made three dozen runs to various shelters and churches.
Volunteers unload trucks filled with goods and supplies
Daljit Singh, UNITED SIKHS coordinator from Euless, TX and local volunteers
from houston serving 2500 meals throughout the weekend.
Volunteers deliver supplies to communities hardest hit
Countrywide Contributions
Support is pouring in from all parts of the country, this video was taken by UNITED SIKHS supporters in Seattle. This week as many as seven box trucks will be coming in from Sacramento The trucks are filled with supplies and will be used as satellite sites in Corpus Christi and the Rockport area. According to the city's mayor, as much as 60 percent of the city has been 'destroyed or totaled.'
"This week the focus will be clean up and medical assistance. We are calling on volunteers who specialize in medicine and/or construction to come out and assist us with removing drywall, installation, and cleaning up from the mold accumulation. We also need medical professionals to assist with medical camps and triage."
If you are interested in volunteering or coordinating with UNITED SikHS volunteer efforts, please call 1-888-243-1690 for assistance with shipping and distribution of donated items. UNITED SIKHS is requesting that all supporters consider donating to our Hurricane Harvey relief project. Text HOUSTON2017 to 91999 or donate here A special thank you to Costco and Taylor Rental for providing discounts to our teams who have been aiding victims. Click here to see UNITED SIKHS at work.

Please watch our videos and subscribe to our You Tube channel at UNITEDSIKHSTV and follow us our social media Facebook | Twitter | Blog and see how your contribution is making a difference.

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