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This year, your support made history. As we take a look at some of our highlights of each of our directorates this year, we also ask that you make your year-end contribution now, so that we may continue our ongoing work next year.
It is only through your support that our efforts are possible. Together, we made a difference around the world in 2015; take a look at some of the year's highlights:
International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA)
Iknoor Singh in training.
-Victory for Iknoor Singh: UNITED SIKHS and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the United States Army for student Iknoor Singh's right to enroll in the Reserved Officers Training Corps while maintaining his articles of faith--specifically, his turban and unshorn hair. This June, justice was served in his favor.
-The Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy: Nine Sikh students were trained by speakers from the Department of Justice, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), and UNITED SIKHS staff to become vibrant members of society, and the community advocates of tomorrow.
-The Sikh Summit: 15 Congresspersons' and Senators' offices were briefed on the most pressing issues currently faced by the Sikh community.
Sikh Aid
Aid distribution in Nepal.
-Nepal Earthquake Relief: Aid was provided to over 5,000 individuals affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal in April.
-Myanmar Flood Relief: Our team distributed 10,000 tonnes of food, water, and other basic necessities to over 5,000 people affected by the flooding caused by Cyclone Komen in Myanmar in July.
-Pak-Afghan Earthquake Relief Launched: 400 food packages have been distributed to approximately 2,400 individuals affected by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that rocked Pakistan and Afghanistan in October.
Community Empowerment and Education Directorate (CEED)
Anti-bullying workshop in Virginia, USA.
-Anti-Bullying Workshops: UNITED SIKHS is dedicated to putting an end to bullying, and helping children and their parents deal with bullying when it occurs. This year, anti-bullying workshops were held across the United States.
-Hypertension Awareness Programs Launched: To increase awareness of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in the Sikh American community, UNITED SIKHS organized awareness and prevention events in New York.
-Health Insurance Marketplace Assistance: To assist community members get the health coverage they need, UNITED SIKHS provides free enrollment assistance in New York and New Jersey, USA. Along with local and national partners, UNITED SIKHS is advocating for better services for the Limited English Proficiency populations, protection of rights of mixed status families and ensuring that safety net protections or low-cost options which serve non-citizens who may not be eligible under the exchange remain in place.

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Our Mission
To transform underprivileged and minority communities and individuals into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs, by fostering active participation in social and economic activity.
Community Empowerment and Education Division (CEED)
Empowering individuals and groups to attain their full potential and become active participants in society through Education, Training and Community development projects. They take their place in the decision-making processes in their local community as well as in the international arena.
International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA)
Standing up for and helping protect the civil and human rights of minorities and marginalized groups in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
The Sikh Aid team provides non-partisan global humanitarian disaster relief services, which not only provide immediate aid but also rehabilitation help to the needy.
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