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UNITED SIKHS Continues with Sandy Relief Operations Sikh Community in Solidarity in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


New York, USA: As the crippled cities along the Northeastern Coastline struggle to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, UNITED SIKHS continues its strong relief efforts in the most impacted areas within these cities. UNITED SIKHS team, along with the community members, has been working tirelessly ensuring that the displaced individuals and families get adequate relief through food, water, warm clothes, shelter and psychological support.

Over 9000 meals have been prepared and distributed at 29 shelters in past week. Community members are pouring forth with their generous contribution of warm clothes, blankets, baby diapers and towels, all of which are being delivered to individuals and shelters in need.

Meal Distribution at Rockaway,New York Sandwiches and soups for distribution at Newark,NJ
Meal Distribution at St Mark Bowery Church,New York

New Jersey Assemblyman Albert Coutinho participated in the respite operations and said "I would like to thank UNITED SIKHS for their heroic humanitarian efforts trying to help the residents of the city of Newark who have been dramatically impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Thousand meals a day is really going a long way to help the suffering of those people in really traumatic times. CHEERS to UNITED SIKHS and wish you all the best". Click here to view the video.

Assemblyman Albert Coutinho helps in packing meals prepared by UNITED SIKHS Team to be delivered at 13 shelters in Newark,NJ

Hemanti K Wadhwani who witnessed and helped our community outreach efforts stated, "Excellent effort by United Sikhs group coming through for the city of Newark's elderly and low-income without electricity in this cold. Heartfelt gratitude from all over. Still need is there with many places without electricity. City and state officials - NJ Assemblyman Albert Coutinho very grateful for the Sikh community's support in this time of need".

Meal preparation at Glenrock Gurdwara Saheb,NJ Food brought for distribution at Rockaway,NY
Volunteers packaging the meals Sangat from Bridgewater and Glenrock NJ, preparing hot meals ready to be shipped to the shelter homes

"I would like to thank UNITED SIKHS for the participation and support in these trying times", said a young woman who has been without power since the day of the hurricane and is housed in a makeshift Newark shelter at Ivy Hill Elementary.

Volunteers packaging meals at the distribution Center in Newark Volunteers at the distribution shelter in Newark

Our teams continue to be amazed by the outpouring of community support and strength for the people who have faced extreme devastation during and after the hurricane.

No. of shelters No. of Hot Meals served Water Distribution Blankets Baby Diapers Towels Emergency supplies and flashlight
29 12808 4795 627 blankets to be distirbuted by 7th Nov 1500 200 500

The upcoming days will continue to bring challenges for the tens of thousands rendered helpless in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. There continues to be a persistent and ongoing demand for basic needs. Please keep supporting our efforts and donate graciously so we can continue to deliver help to all in need.

Here is how you can help:

"UNITED SIKHS shall always continue to carry the torch of service that we have been taught by our Gurus. We will be the ones who enter the areas most devastated and the locales most ravished so we can provide emergency relief to the vulnerable and affected because of the support of our community. This is the time we answer the clarion call to ensure that those who have lost so much have an opportunity to recover," stated Gurvinder Singh, UNITED SIKHS AID National Director.

UNITED SIKHS would also like to thank all our supporters who have been donating their time, money and efforts towards this noble cause. Your selfless efforts are an embodiment of Sikh values and the drive to help all... "Nanak nam charhdhi kala, tere bhaaney sarbat da bhala."

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