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Calling Volunteers to Help in Puerto Rico
"To toil in the love of the fellow man is the highest culture of Naam." - Prof. Puran Singh
Calling all able and willing volunteers! UNITED SIKHS is now actively working with the leading organizations from the San Juan headquarters and reaching the rural communities in the Puerto Rican countryside. One such area, Utuado, is one of the heaviest hit provinces where infrastructure has collapsed. Earlier this morning, the Disaster Relief Team, along with a coalition of local UNITED SIKHS Volunteers coordinated directly with the US military to access the untouched areas of Utuado, where no running water, no electricity and no fuel has been available since Hurricane Maria devastated the island. UNITED SIKHS quickly mobilized a langar to serve a healthy hot meal of rice, beans and vegetables to hundreds of area residents, as many began weeping with relief at receiving their first warm meal in weeks.
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"After speaking with them, I learned that many have been eating roots and living off of the earth to sustain themselves til now," said Kamaljeet Singh, a UNITED SIKHS Volunteer who has been on the ground this week. "When I heard that even the small children had been suffering for this long, I became quite emotional. This isn't right. We can really make a difference here."
Without question, Puerto Rico's condition is dire. UNITED SIKHS is actively working to source clean, potable water in conjunction with the local police, military and emergency response teams and bring resources to the residents within and around Utuado. UNITED SIKHS is committed to reaching those communities whose needs are most pressing, actively working to reach the mountainous remote communities. To ensure our operations are effective and efficient, UNITED SIKHS is communicating with every agency and even some local networks to ensure supplies reach those who need it the most.
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"We are also actively sending shipments of humanitarian aid based on the latest information we are receiving," says Gurvinder Singh, UNITED SIKHS Director of Disaster Relief. "We continue to call upon the resourcefulness and spirit within our Sikh community to come together and support those who need it most."
UNITED SIKHS donations will directly translate into emergency supplies, including tents, ropes, tarps, solar generators, solar charging stations, batteries (9V, AA, AAA), flashlights, utility kits, first aid kits, hygiene kits and clean underwear / socks. For more information on how to help, please contact UNITED SIKHS and join the cause.
VOLUNTEER. We need able and willing volunteers to continue the ground operations. Medical healthcare professionals and truck drivers are especially needed who will interface with the local hospitals and authorities. Answer the call, register as a volunteer and sign up today! Visit www.unitedsikhs.org/join for more information.
DONATE. We cannot continue this work without your help. Please give your Dasvandh. Help feed and shelter a family in Puerto Rico. Help spread the word within your network. Even a small donation of $10 will help. If you would like to help, please visit our page: www.unitedsikhs.org/showyoucare to make a donation today.
Together, we can alleviate the pain and suffering in this world by acting with compassion and love towards one another, and truly realize Guru Nanak's message of Oneness. #RecognizeTheHumanRaceAsOne #ThisIsUS #WeAreOne

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Issued by,
Gurvinder Singh
Sikh Aid Director, UNITED SIKHS
E: sikhaid@unitedsikhs.org

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