Taking to the Skies and Reaching Out to the Forgotten Communities of Malaysia

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Fighting back tears, Humanitarian Aid Coordinator Asia Pacific Rishiwant Singh, said: "The faces of the villagers showed more than relief. When they saw the chopper hovering in the sky above their village, they had a very different look on their faces, almost as they have seen God in the sky to save them.

Despite losing one of our own Gurdwaras in Kuala Krai, we focused on the people in need irrespective of race and religion. Practicing the teachings of Guru Nanak we recognise the human race as one."

Malaysia (8 January 2015) –The Malaysia Flood Relief team have now assisted more than 270 families since it began its mission last week. Risking their own lives through threatening rainclouds and heavy crosswinds, the team travelled deep into the Gua Musang Jungle, providing aid to the Indigenous Temiar natives.

During their first rescue mission the team has managed to conduct 6 sorties and reach 7 inaccessible areas by taking to the skies via the UNITED SIKHS Baaj of Humanity Helistar (helicopter). These areas included Kg Rhu Tapai, jungles of Gua Musang, Kg Brigg, Kg Kuala Wok, Balar, Ber, Temerloh, and Kg Kebun, with more than 2000 kg of aid delivered to families who have been cut off from civilisation and struggling to survive.

The Orang Asli (indigenous people of Malaysia) had been without supplies for up to 3 months since the start of the monsoon season, due to a series of landslides that cut them off from civilisation. These amazingly resilient people still persevered despite the odds. The coordination between Center of Orang Asil Concerns and UNITED SIKHS was precise and excellent. The relief team managed to drop off maximum aid in minimum time serving Orang Asli areas previously unreached.

A never ending supply of aid has been arriving at Kampung Pandan Gurdwara and has been seamlessly delivered to families in dire need of food to survive.

Starter Packs: 8 kg each with 13 items included

Cooking Oil
Mosquito Oils

UNITED SIKHS would like to thank Center of Orang Asil Concerns, Temiar Frens at KG Parit in K.Betis, Sanny, Yamin Vong, Siti, Gan, Sarandev, Duke and Sanadakas Eagle, Captain Bagawan Singh, and all our valiant volunteers and supporters. Together we have been able to provide a sense of civilisation back into the lives of many flood victims in Malaysia.

We ask supporters for donations in order to provide essential items that many people are without. Our global humanitarian aid effort needs your help. As we continue our mission, we hope you will HELP US TODAY!

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