Medical Aid Provided to a Thousand People in a Week and a School Set Up for Kids


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Kathmandu, Nepal - Nepal is still reeling from the earthquake that devastated the historical country on 25 April, killing more than 7,800 and displacing thousands more. Two weeks after the earthquake occurred, Nepali families who live in remote villages are still not receiving the aid which they should be.

Total of 4 medical camps set up within a week and over a thousand provided with medical assistance -

1. First medical camp was set up in Bhimatra in Sindhupal Chok area almost 120 km from Kathmandu. The team had to walk 10 km on foot to reach this village. Around 80 patients were provided medical aid there.
2. Multiple medical camps held around the Raviholi area with the team visiting 6 villages, walking for kilometres to reach the community and setting up equipment on rough terrain to attend to the patients. Nearly 200 patients have been provided with medical assistance in this area.
3. Third camp was set up in village Jalberi, almost 170 km from Kathmandu. 95% of homes here are destroyed and our medical team provided assistance to 400 patients here. People walked for 2 hours to seek medical attention from our doctors and this was the first time many of them had consulted with a medical practitioner.
4. Over 500 treated at our last camp in Chaturale. This place has been impacted most by water borne diseases as the water line was destroyed with the earthquake leaving the locals with insufficient water supply.

Nepal Relief Project Lead Komal Singh said: "Even though getting to these remote areas was a challenge, once we arrived here we were surrounded by the most honest people. We are thankful to the local people of the village who cooked food for us even when they didn't have their homes, and they still took the time to feed us. They fixed tents with us and helped our team with translations as the local people only speak Nepalese."

Even though the team has been faced with many challenges along the way - car breaking down on the rough terrain, compromising their own safety and health to serve the community of Nepal, they stand strong on the principles of Guru Nanak and RECOGNIZE THE HUMAN RACE AS ONE.

A big shout out to all our doctors, volunteers and team members in Nepal, without you none of this would be possible.

A heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, Nepal continues to need your help...

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Gurvinder Singh

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