Giving Someone Warmth Through Langar- a hot meal
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Tabanovce, Macedonia - Imagine being cold, hungry, and exhausted, on a journey to an unknown future. For thousands this is a reality, as the refugees arrive in Tabanovce, Macedonia before crossing the Macedonia-Serbia borders they are greeted and overwhelmed by our volunteers who have the desire to serve humanity.
UNITED SIKHS volunteer Mani Singh from Brampton, Canada also has this desire to serve, and now he needs your help. Mani Singh will be flying to Macedonia on 24th February to continue serving Langar to the many refugees who arrive on the silent trains in thousands who are fleeing from violence.
UNITED SIKHS will be conducting a refugee relief fundraising campaign to raise money to continue Langar (free food) that has already served 35,000 migrants. Even in these winter months, thousands of migrants, young orphans to disabled seniors, are flocking across the border.
Europe to flee the violence in Syria.
For more information about our efforts you can visit UNITED SIKHS Refugee Relief effort
UNITED SIKHS representatives will also be on Panjabi radio and TV programs during the next few weeks talking about the importance of why we believe no refugee should go hungry and suffer in silence. We will be asking YOU the community to help in anyway you can and donate your dasvand (donation) towards a hot meal for families who have lost everything.
A total of 35,000 piping hot meals have been served to Syrian Migrants and your donations made this possible. We request to you also show your desire to serve and help UNITED SIKHS keep this mission going by donating now.
    Donations can be received by:
  1. Check and mail to:
    209-2970 Drew Road
    Mississauga Ontario L4T-0A6
  2. Direct Deposit to TD Canada Trust Bank
    Account Transit# 184
    Account# 5233419

Please watch our videos at UNITEDSIKHSTV and follow us our social media Facebook | Twitter | Blog and see how your contribution is making a difference.

In Chardi Kala, 
Sukhwinder Singh
Director ,UNITED SIKHS - Canada
Phone: +1 905 672 2245 / +1 416 895 4100/ 1-646-688-3525(USA)

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