Save Punjab: Help Us Stop the Drug Epidemic and Save Lives in Punjab!


Punjab, India - The lives in the state of Punjab are slowly being destroyed due to the on-going drug epidemic that is increasing day by day. Did you know that Punjab is in crises mode and that at least 73% of the state’s youth between 16-35 is currently addicted to drugs, declared by Guru Nanak University, Punjab. Recently the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported that Punjab is the second highest state of drug consumption in the whole of India. Our glorious Punjab, which was known as the land of the Gurus and a state of five rivers, has now become a den of destruction. However, in an attempt to tackle this swarming tide and to help those addicts and reduce their percentage, UNITED SIKHS has generated a fully equipped Drug De-Addiction Hospital in Punjab, District Ludhiana, Village Dhamot.

Drug treatment facilities in Punjab are limited; therefore, the UNITED SIKHS Drug De-Addiction Program aims to provide addicts with a number of adequate drug treatment options, facilities, rehabilitation programs and social and employment opportunities. Drugs such as heroin, smack, opium and hashish are readily and easily available in Punjab. The 26 bed Drug De-Addiction hospital will aim to reduce and stop the use of illegal and deadly drugs. UNITED SIKHS is working on the ground, recommending strategies to help address this problem and facilitate long- term solutions to what has now become a global issue.

However, UNITED SIKHS needs YOUR HELP to save lives in Punjab. The state is literally on the verge of a human crisis and in the midst of a grievous drug problem, and without your assistance this will become a full fledged epidemic. This is the clarion call and Punjab awaits your answer.

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Your donations are immensely appreciated. Together we can help transform Punjab back to its glorious heritage, together we can take it off life support, Together We Can Save Punjab!

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Gurvinder Singh

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