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UNITED SIKHS Initiates Community Outreach: Opens Guru Nanak Food Pantry in Greater Los Angeles Area


Tustin, California: UNITED SIKHS opens up the Guru Nanak Food Pantry in Los Angeles in collaboration with Orange County Second Harvest Food Bank . The Pantry derives its purpose to serve the Greater Orange County area from a cornerstone tradition in the Sikh faith known as 'langar', spiritually defined as the community kitchen or divine dining.

Over a year of planning and a decade of dreaming all came together in June, 2012 when the Pantry opened its doors to the public.

The UNITED SIKHS Guru Nanak Food Pantry is located at 14511 Franklin Ave, Suite 160, Tustin, CA 92780 and has a capacity to store over 2,000 pounds of food. It opens every Saturday between 8:30am and 11:30am and allows convenient access for anyone in need.

UNITED SIKHS Guru Nanank Food Pantry Inside View of the Guru Nanak Food Pantry

"The concept of bringing langar from the Gurdwara to the local community in need truly embodies a Sikh's belief of serving the community " said, Dr. Arinder Singh, Regional Director of UNITED SIKHS.

"This pantry honors Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, who reminded us to serve all those in need. We hope this will grow and expand to many more locations" said Dr. Daljeet Singh, Regional Director of UNITED SIKHS.

A recent survey found that many Californians, who are at risk of hunger, don't qualify for federal nutrition benefits. Many children do not qualify for programs such as free or reduced price school meals. Eligibility for these programs is linked to the federal poverty level, which advocates have long argued is a poor measure of what it takes to make ends meet.

Regional Directors: Dr. Daljeet Singh and Dr. Arinder Singh

"Unemployment remains high in California and those returning to the workforce are either working part time or taking salary cuts. In counties with a higher proportion of such people, who are not eligible for government assistance, the burden to help often falls on family members and local charities." states Dr. Arinder Singh. "The Guru Nanak food pantry is our effort to take the concept of langar out of the confines of the Gurdwara to the people that will benefit most from it."

"We continue to help those in need through Guru Nanak Food Pantry and urge everyone to contribute generously towards the project" said Kuldip Singh, President UNITED SIKHS.

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Daljeet Singh
Regional Director-CA, UNITED SIKHS Aid |
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