Elderly UK Flood Victims Helped by UNITED SIKHS
Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire (UK): Sitting alone in a home with no lights and in complete darkness. This is what one elderly lady was doing until she heard a knock on the door. UNITED SIKHS volunteers had turned to help her clean up after the floods and to offer some hot snacks. "Thank you so much for all the help you have given us cleaning up and delivering food door to door to the elderly residents here," said local resident, Scott Hope, whose house has been severely hit by the floods.
As it had been raining continuously for more than a month our team wanted to focus on helping the elderly because we knew many would be 'trapped' without help. "We visited the Calder Valley Club, a local community centre in Mytholmroyd, where we identified homes of elderly who had no food and electricity, at the Elphabourgh Close housing estate," said Sun Kaur, UNITED SIKHS project coordinator who led the relief efforts.
Pictures showing damage caused by the floods
One elderly lady was tearful as she told UNITED SIKHS volunteers how the flood waters had reached her torso and she struggled to walk. She feared that no one would find her if she couldn't get out of the water. These flooded areas that have been described by West Yorkshire police as 'the worst hit flooding in parts of West Yorkshire in 70 years, have also damaged the historic Tadcaster Bridge, Linton, the Crowther Canal and Copley Bridges.
"On receiving hot food and sandwiches one elderly lady's eyes lit up as she had not had a meal all day" said UNITED SIKHS volunteer, Jasdeep Kaur. The hot food was prepared at the Guru Har Rai Gurudwara, West Bromwich by members of the congregation of the Gurudwara and volunteers of the World Scope Welfare Society.
Hot food prepared at Guru Har Rai Gurudwara, West Bromwich
As well as door to door langar distribution UNITED SIKHS delivered trays of hot food, sandwiches and cleaning goods to the Calder Valley Club, where many residents were collecting food and cleaning supplies hoping the floods will recede. "Well done all of you. I was helping at the Calder Valley Club when I found your volunteers who have been so generous and compassionate to have travelled a distance to help," said Catherine Shaw, a local volunteer.
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