Only few seats left…Will you be there to help save Punjab and support Justice?

Washington DC, USA- On July 26th, we will host our "Innovative Justice" Banquet at the Four Points Sheraton followed by our annual Sikh Summit advocacy meetings from July 28th-30th with congressmen, government agencies, and NGOs to discuss Sikh issues around the globe. To read more, please visit

Also present at the banquet will be Rabbi Shergill to support UNITED SIKHS' drug de-addiction project in Punjab.

Innovative Speakers, Honorees, and Attendees include:

Rabbi Shergill
Rabbi Shergill is an Indian musician known most for his hit song Bulla Ji Jaana, in 2005. His music style ranges from classical Punjabi or "sufi-style" to rock music. His other hit songs include "Dilli" from the Bollywood film, Delhii Heights and also "Challa" from Yash Chopra's movie titled, Jab Tak Hai Jaan.
Nav Bhatia
Nav Bhatia, currently owner of both Mississauga Hyundai and Rexdale Hyundai, is one of the most recognizable faces in Toronto. Starting in Canada as a sales person Nav's hard work and passion to succeed progressed his career path to Owner of two very successful Car Dealerships. Nav's biggest accomplishment is perhaps using his passion for basketball, particularly for the NBA's Toronto Raptors, to create a common ground with people of all backgrounds - giving him the platform to break down stereotypes and educate others on what the Sikh Community is about. Nav has not missed one Raptor's game in 20 years and was recently appointed by the NBA team as the official Raptor's South Asian Community Ambassador.
J.J. Singh
Honorary graduate form Harvard Business school, J.J. Singh now works as the economic advisor to U.S. Senator Coons. J.J. Singh has done work with the Peace Corps and was also a Credit Analyst at the White House office of Management and Budget, where he assessed the cost, impact and viability of U.S. government loans and for the president. As a Sikh he has done great work and will remain an inspiration to Sikhs around the nation.
Satyendra Singh Huja
As the only Sikh resident of his town, Satyendra Singh Huja is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia since January 2012. Prior to be elected mayor, he served two terms on the Charlottesville City Council. He is also a professor at the University of Virginia School of Agriculture
Suneet Singh Tuli
Suneet Singh Tuli is the man behind the worlds cheapest tablet, called the Aakash. As the CEO of DataWind, Forbes named Suneet Tuli one of the Impact 15 list of “classroom revolutionaries” who are using technology to advance learning in the classroom.
Dr. Rahuldeep Gill
Dr. Rahuldeep Gill is a Professor of Religion at Cal Lutheran University. He teaches topics such as global religions, Indian thought, Christianity and also studies the interaction between Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus. He also teaches a yearly class on the Sikh religion and tradition.
Vipp Jaswal
Vipp Jaswal joined the FOX News Channel in 2005 and has since been the head of International Development and Business. Mr. Jaswal has successfully executed strategic plans and missions on an international level. He also has his own radio talk show called the “Vipp Jaswal Report”.
Chaz Singh
Chaz Singh is the Labor Local Councillor for Plymouth's Drake Ward (United Kingdon), and previously served as Deputy Lord Mayor. He was recently the runner up in the elections for the next Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport. He is now running for Labour Parliamentary Candidate for South West Devon. Along with this, Chaz Singh is the man who simply held up a hand written letter "T" in front of the "Urban Outfitters" shop to create a image that read "Turban Outfitters." Chaz Singh is one that is very proud of being Sikh and his "Turban Outfitters" picture has been shared thousands of times online and in his words have “humanized” the turban in many peoples eyes.

We look forward to seeing you at the banquet and also at the annual Sikh Summit meetings beginning July 28th.

Issued by-
Gurvinder Singh

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