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Bauer Media Apologises for Offensive Article about Nihang Sikh in Porn Magazine

Perth, Australia, 17 May 2013, Bauer Media Ltd, a large media company, has this week apologised and expressed regret to UNITED SIKHS for any offence felt by any member of the Sikh community by the publication of an article and photograph of a Nihang Sikh in their porn magazine in January this year. This apology was expressed in an agreement mediated by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), following a complaint filed by UNITED SIKHS.

"We filed a complaint with the AHRC after we were notified by a Sikh from Queensland about this offensive article titled ’Turban Legend’ that was published in the 30th January 2013 issue of Bauer Media’s magazine, ‘The Picture’", said Sukhwant Singh, Director – National Legal Affairs, UNITED SIKHS (Australia), who negotiated the agreement on behalf of UNITED SIKHS .

“Sikhs had found the article racially offensive as it showed a photograph of a Nihang Sikh amongst objectionable photographs in the porn magazine,” he added.

At a conciliation conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission, which was accepted by UNITED SIKHS on 15 May 2013, the following was agreed:

  1. Bauer Media agreed to settle the complaint, without formal admission of liability;
  2. Bauer Media expressed regret that any member of the Sikh community of Australia who was offended by publication of the article was offended by publication of the article;
  3. Bauer Media stated that it was not the intention of “The Picture” to upset any member of the Sikh community of Australia;
  4. Bauer Media stated that it is sorry that any member of the Sikh community of Australia who was offended by publication of the article was offended by publication of the article;
  5. Bauer Media undertook not to republish the article.

Harjit Singh, National Director, UNITED SIKHS (Australia) said. “This case exemplifies how the Sikh community can work, within the laws of Australia, with the media to protect the interests of Sikhs. UNITED SIKHS thanks the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Bauer Media Group for their cooperation and assistance in respecting the concerns of the Sikh community”.

Sukhwant Singh, counselled the Bauer Media Group that “UNITED SIKHS promotes the education on Sikhs and Sikhism, while advocating the democratic right of all Australians to free speech that is tempered with responsibilities to fellow ethnic and culturally diverse Australians”.

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You may read a previous press release on racially offensive publications at

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Harjit Singh
National Director
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