When 43 year old Angrez Singh came to UNITED SIKHS because UK hospitals refused to treat his double kidney failure, we did not turn him away because as an over-stayer he did not have recourse to public funds. Instead, we engaged a robust probono health rights lawyer who challenged the hospital and not only ensured the hospital treated him but also ensuredsocial services gave him a daily stipend and travel costs for his treatment.
UNITED SIKHS then helped Angrez Singh to obtain assistance from a refugee charity, funded by the government, who paid for his air ticket to Panjab and 1000 pounds towards his treatment in Panjab. Today, through funds donatedby donors like you, we are able to fund Angrez Singh's continuing treatment in Panjab, whilst waiting for his kidney transplant.
'We don't just walk a mile with you. We will run with you, if necessary.'
"I would like to thank UNITED SIKHS for their heroic humanitarian efforts trying to help the residents of the city of Newark who have been dramatically impacted by Hurricane Sandy. A Thousand meals a day is really going a long way to help the suffering of those people in really traumatic times. CHEERS to UNITED SIKHS and wish you all the best." ~ New Jersey Assemblyman Albert Coutinho, USA
"My son's school had an issue in relation to him wearing his Kirpan at school. UNITED SIKHS arranged a meeting with the school and successfully resolved the issue in a professional manner. They then came back to the school to hold a Sikhi education session for the teachers and have even been invited back for further sessions. Thank you UNITED SIKHS!" ~ Ranjit Singh, WA, Australia
"Tutoring has helped me a lot. When I start 6th grade, I will be a star in my class. With the knowledge I gained, I will be great in class. I hope that my life will be great, thanks to UNITED SIKHS." ~ Jassan Dhami who attends our After School Academic Program at the UNITED SIKHS center in CA, USA
The UNITED SIKHS advocacy team has done something I thought was impossible. I thought I was beating a dead horse." ~ Gurdip Singh, UK, who was denied entry into USA. UNITED SIKHS has advocated on his behalf with the Department of Homeland Security"
"I would like to thank UNITED SIKHS from the bottom of my heart. They stood up for my dignity and for the dignity of all Sikhs. My blessings and good wishes will always be with them. UNITED SIKHS secured a non-discrimination statement at Kalamazoo County in Michigan and a personal apology from the Judge who asked me to choose between my turban and leaving the courtroom."~ Hardeep Singh, Michigan, USA.
"If it were not for UNITED SIKHS' timely help, my situation could have become worse. They came to my rescue for two incidents, provided all legal assistance and ensured that my issues were taken care of. I can't thank them enough. Also, I am extremely happy that their efforts have borne fruit in that a new Harassment and Non-Discrimination policy has been put into place for all Pike County employees." ~ Jagjeet Singh, USA
UNITED SIKHS would like to thank you for your support. Your generosity has supported many UNITED SIKHS projects this year. Your every dollar, pound and rupee has assisted UNITED SIKHS to:
  • Fight against passenger profiling by theTSA and other airport security authorities around the world
  • Stop Removal of Turbans at Law Enforcement Agencies and Airports around the world
  • Fight for the rights of Sikh School Children in France and Belgium so they may wear their Turban
  • Stand up Against Bullying and Employment Discrimination
  • Help Fight Against Hate and Bias based crimes on Sikhs
  • Make sure Justice is served for a Sikh man taunted inappropriately by a Civil Judge
  • Remove Portraits of Sikh Gurus from inappropriate locations
  • Provide thousands of hot meals through our Feed the Hungry Program
  • Provide 200 DailyMeals to Children in Haiti
  • Serve hot meals to survivors of theTyphoon Haiyan and rebuilding homes in the Philippines
  • Provide Basic Necessities for Families in Syria
  • Conduct After School Program for Homework Assistance in the UK and USA.
  • Provide Leadership Training to Makeyoung Sikhs Strong Citizens in Society
  • GiveHealth Tests for Low-Income Families, including Oral Health Screenings, Blood Pressure Testing, and Diabetes Testing
  • Create a Missing Persons Webpage
  • Maintain a free Helpline Hotline, UMEED.
  • And much more
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