Dear Sangat Ji,
My name is Sarbjot Kaur. I am currently working as a public relations intern at PR Consulting NYC under the Versace, Versus, Christopher Kane And Orlebar Brown team-an opportunity that UNITED SIKHS, Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy ( "AHAA") prepared me for.
Sarbjot Kaur, student of Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy,Graduate 2015


I am excited to share my experiences with UNITED SIKHS, as this organization has not only brought me closer to my community, but also empowered me as a Sikh in American society. I was once very doubtful about the Sikh community, as I could not see the Guru's message being put into practice by the community.
Sikhs are known for their selfless service and helping those in need. I learned this first hand once I had the honor of joining the UNITED SIKHS Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) at Washington D.C. From my experiences at the AHAA, I learned that Sikhs are leading armed forces, Sikhs are treating international crises, Sikhs are fighting for the rights of all minorities right here on American soil.
The Academy also taught me valuable self-efficacy and leadership skills. The staff encouraged my growth by helping me coordinate with local youth and connect with locals that need assistance. I learned networking on a larger scale, as I spoke with professionals from the local community, from national organizations, and from international associations.
AHAA in of itself has also shaped how I see the world now, as policy initiatives are so much more tangible and justice for minorities is so much more feasible. Some of my experiences at AHAA were advocating policies with members of Congress, learning about minority issues, and tracing back the history of the Sikhs. These are some of the moments I will never forget. This academy gave me an opportunity to become a part of the movement for minority rights.
In addition to the professional gains I made in AHAA, I will never forget the friends I made at this academy. Eight other brilliant individuals and I were able to feed off of one another's diverse experiences, as one of us had converted to the Sikh faith and one of us had become prone to running from it. The opportunity to spend a week learning more about your own culture whilst, befriending people that you would never have had met is something that any course cannot possibly provide.
UNITED SIKHS' Academy offers students like myself invaluable experience with the American legal system, with Sikh advocacy, and with self-efficacy. AHAA continues to inspire me as I shoulder responsibilities beyond my age, thereby gaining substantial skills for my career and growing as a Sikh professional.
AHAA has definitely enlightened me both professionally and personally. Simultaneously learning new skills and constantly meeting accomplished influencers has encouraged my growth more than I could have ever imagined.
I deeply encourage you to apply to this summer's academy. The connections and lessons you learn within that week last far longer when building your career and growing as an individual.
Support UNITED SIKHS today so they can continue inspiring young leaders to follow their dreams.

In Chardi Kala, 
Sarbjot Kaur
Student, AHAA, Graduate 2015, UNITED SIKHS

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