Aid Distribution Continues in Myanmar - Nearly 10,000 Tonnes of Aid Distributed

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Yangon, Myanmar - As Myanmar reels from the devastating flood emergency that began in July with Cyclone Komen, UNITED SIKHS continues to distribute aid to the worst affected areas in the country.

After visiting the village of Sein Taung Gyi in Myanmar's Delta region, the relief team arrived in the village of Lan Dar on Friday, August 14th after a 5 hour boat ride and 30 minute trek through the mud. The village's 142 families collected rations to last up to 12 days. Distributed materials included:

Nearly 4 Tonnes of Rice
150 Cartons of Water
600 Cans of Food

The journey back to Yangon took 22 hours, including a 5 hour boat ride in the dark, through the flooded Delta. With over 5 tonnes of rice in tow, our team arrived in the district of Kalay on August 19th, where thousands lined the side of the road in hopes of receiving aid. We are told they had not had anything to eat all day. So far, we have distributed aid to 242 Kalay families in need.

Myanmar residents described the conditions they are under as "difficult to survive in." While our team has supplied aid to over 3,000+ individuals so far, over 1,000,000 have been affected by the flooding crisis. We aim to provide aid and assistance to as many as we can, and we cannot do this without your help. Extend a helping hand - donate today.

The following are the continuing concerns in Myanmar:

We would like to thank Rajiev Singh of Young Myanmar Sikhs who introduced us to local contacts. We would also like to recognize our Myanmar representative Ajaib Singh, who helped the team tremendously. Additionally, we are grateful to all our donors, especially the sangat from Thailand who assisted us in this effort. Without our donors' generosity, this mission would not be possible.

Finally, we'd like to express our utmost gratitude to the resilient people of Myanmar for volunteering with the relief effort, and allowing us to serve their country.

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