SIKHS ON THE RISE! Congrats Tejkaran Kaur Bains
New York: Congratulations to Tejkaran Kaur Bains on being the first Sikh law student to win the best oral advocate award in the Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition Moot Court. The Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition is a national moot court competition that takes place every year. The competition focuses primarily on public and civil rights law, along with topics of particular relevance to communities of color. Every year hundreds of students from law schools across the US, compete in front of judges. Students are judged on their presentation and oral ability as well as knowledge of the law. Kaur was the only Sikh at the competition.
Tejkaran Kaur Bains,UNITED SIKHS legal intern - recipient of "Best Oral Advocate"
"As a Sikh, It means the world. This makes me hopeful because as a minority and as a female, sometimes things can seem very dim . We have to work substantially harder than those in the majority in order to reach the same targets.There have been times, especially in the last few years since the beginning of law school, where it has felt like I am fighting an impossible battle. It was in these times that my faith helped me overcome. If I did not have my faith, I would not be able to persevere. When times got tough, and I was ready to burn out, my faith has never failed to lift my spirits and instill my new energy and life. As a Sikh, my religion and my occupation are not separate, and that is a blessing. When I read scripture and history and learn about the struggle of those who came before me, it gives me tremendous strength and inspiration. This inspiration helps me advocate zealously for justice, as lawyer. As a Sikh, the last few years have been a battle of spirit for me there will be many more battles to come, and I know my Sikh faith will see me though." -Tejkaran Kaur Bains

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