UNITED SIKHS Celebrates California Sikh Awareness Month 2015
California, USA-This November, we celebrated the fourth annual Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month in California. Over the course of the month, we brought anti-bullying resources to over one hundred Sikh children and parents, and tied turbans on over fifty university students and faculty and educated them about the Sikh faith.
"Be Your Own Super Hero" workshop at Milpitas Gurudwara
UNITED SIKHS Community Empowerment and Education California manager Harinder Kaur,
Milpitas Singh Sabha Gurudwara Sahib Khalsa School principal Mandeep Kaur,
and guest speaker Joti Dhanjal facilitating activities at the workshop.
On November 7th, over one hundred Sikh students and parents from the Bay Area attended "Be Your Own Superhero", an anti-bullying workshop at Milpitas Singh Sabha Gurudwara Sahib, California. During the workshop, U.K. Sikh artist J.S. Dhanjal from the United Kingdom promoted the exploration of creative outlets such as visual art. Joti Dhanjal's art is inspired by Sikh history and Panjabi folklore--click here to view his online gallery. Sharing his experience of the workshop, Joti said, "The kids and parents had a great time and it was inspiring to see their creativity and response to the workshop."
The workshop also included the following distinguished speakers:
  • Bob Nunez, Governing Board Member of the Milpitas Unified School District in Santa Clara county.
  • Vinny Walia, community advocate, public speaker, instructor of public speaking and debate workshops.
  • Harleen Kaur, founder of Kaur Films, producer and director of an inspirational film about young Sikh men and women called "Odd Couple".
Followed by Joti's session, Harleen Kaur's film was screened for attendees. Children and parents received anti-bullying resources, and also had the opportunity to speak about their experiences with bullying. Upon hearing the children's stories, guest speakers encouraged them to report their encounters with bullying, and provided them with the materials to do so.
Sikh Turban Day at San Jose State University
UNITED SIKHS joined hands with the San Jose State University Sikh Student association on Wednesday, November 18 to spread awareness about the Sikh faith, and tie some turbans!
Over fifty students and faculty members came by and participated and learned more about Sikhism. Our volunteers spoke to them about the Sikh faith and identity, as well as Gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship), langar (the free communal meal offered to all in the Sikh faith), and other aspects of Sikhism.
UNITED SIKHS volunteer Karandeep Singh said, "It's empowering to be able to educate my fellow students about the Sikh faith. Events like these provide an open forum for us to negate any negative preconceived notions they have about Sikhs, and for them to ask questions that they have." Volunteers also spent the day spreading awareness about the issues Sikhs face in the United States, such as the negative backlash after the attacks on September 11th 2001, especially on the heels of terror attacks such as the ones in Paris earlier this month.
UNITED SIKHS thanks Milpitas Singh Sabha Gurudwara Sahib for hosting our "Be Your Own Superhero" workshop, and providing the turbans to make Turban Day 2015 a success. We also extend our deepest gratitude to our supporters and volunteers--it is with your support that we are able to spread awareness about the Sikh faith. Please donate to help us continue these programs in the new year.

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