Refugees Fleeing from Grim Future, Journey is Exhausting
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TABANOVCE, MACEDONIA - Thousands of refugees at the Macedonia border remain in limbo for weeks now at a refugee camp, near the small town of Tabanovce, unable to pass through to Serbia for the borders have been shut, according to UNITED SIKHS volunteers on the border.
Since 16th December 2015, UNITED SIKHS has been offering langar, a Punjabi word for "free meals," as well as blankets and other necessities. We along with our partners have served meals to migrants en route and in the camp, with nearly 1,400 served daily.
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The reality of their experiences is the same: some have watched their own homes explode amid detonating bombs and gunfire, and simply have no place to return. Meanwhile, life in the border camps or en route to the border takes its toll, especially when the temperature continues to drop and rain falls. Helpless in their situation, these refugees have attempted protests and hunger strikes as they grow inpatient in the camp.
Over 700 Afghans, considered "economic migrants" (as opposed to those fleeing from wars), have been denied passage, while more than 400 Syrian nationals have also been held back. Since the borders are sealed shut, 1,400 refugees are seeking shelter in the Tabanovce camp, which is 500 meters from the Serbia-Macedonia border. Refugees from any state attempting to reunite with families who have already found asylum in Western Europe are also prohibited from leaving Macedonia.
Mani Singh recounts that the train travelling from Gavigilja, with the express approval from Serbia to allow all refugees was stopped in less than four hours as the authorities changed their mind. The Tabonovce camp, had being over-capacitated, the confused refugees were dropped on wet, muddy, swampy field. It rained in the day, and the temperature dropped to 4oC. The Tabonovce government staff were intent on leaving them there (instead of sending them back), to put pressure on the Serbians to stay true to their promise of letting them in. The conditions became deplorable. Old men, many babies, children, no one was spared from the cold and mud.
"I compare this to some of the military training I do, except for I am well geared, and I'm not holding a baby in my left arm, and holding a grandpa in the other", says Mani Singh who has been heading up relief efforts in Macedonia.
Tabanovce, Macedonia : Inhuman conditions, wet, muddy and cold life of the refugees at the camps.
Who are these refugees? These refugees come to Europe to seek refugee having sold all their assets in desperation, to pay for an uncertain journey across many countries, paying a collection of human smugglers and transport companies. How can we call them economic migrants when you see a mother with her only child, a newborn at times, with no certainty as to the dangerous road ahead? What pushes her so hard so as to gamble her life and her child's life?
The number of migrants rises every day, while resources to keep them safe and healthy are tapering. Please help us continue to meet the demanding needs of providing humanitarian aid by donating to this incredibly important cause especially as violence in the region escalates and borders are constantly in flux. Even the smallest amounts will go a long way. We are grateful to our worthy donor Ranjit Singh Dulay, from Toronto, who has donated $8200 for UNITED SIKHS European Relief project. Become a helping hand in these tough times for those taking refuge. Together we can make a difference. Your contributions, in whatever amount are needed.
UNITED SIKHS' volunteer Mani Singh receiving the check of $8,200 from wife of Ranjit Singh Dulay.
Mani Singh, UNITED SIKHS Canadian volunteer was on Canada's top national news channel - CTV News, informing about the conditions on ground. You can watch the television recording on the links

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