6 Days Left To Apply For The Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy

Sikh youth talk to you about their experience at the UNITED SIKHS Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy here!


Washington, DC - We are looking for eight outstanding individuals 17 and older who are driven to promote seva and civil and human rights to participate in our Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA), taking place July 6th-July 10th in Washington, DC. Listen to what one of last year's AHAA graduates has to say about what to expect if selected to be a part of this one of a kind experience.

Dear Supporter Ji,

I am writing to you today as a UNITED SIKHS Advocacy & Humanitarian Aid Academy graduate. I wanted to share with all of you the amazing experiences I had as an academy student and the amazing opportunities that have come my way since graduating.

After graduating from the academy, I soon was accepted into an internship program at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, an opportunity that would have never been possible without the help, support, and knowledge I gained from being a part of AHAA.

The experience and knowledge I gained during my time at the UNITED SIKHS Advocacy & Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) was unimaginable and incomparable. I not only learned about policy and procedure, I learned the ins-and-outs of how Washington, DC works, how fundraising works, and how much can be done through the lens of passion. In just a week I got to hear and learn from members of Congress, the Department of Justice, USAID, the director of the NAACP Hilary Shelton, and many more. Along with meeting all these people I learned proper policy advocating and lobbying on Capitol Hill, resume building, and guidance for the road to law school.


This experience with UNITED SIKHS this last summer gave me the confidence and experience necessary to believe that the sky's the limit.Now I am going to be working for the United Nations at the age of 19-years-old and I have no one but this organization to thank for that. I cannot speak enough about how much I feel I owe to this organization and to AHAA, and how much I hope that YOU too will participate in this experience.

It can be so difficult to put into words how impactful AAHA was for us, but we wanted to show supporters how invaluable we found the experience. During finals we all wanted to talk to you, one-on-one, no filter, as we each sat in our college dorms and houses and reflected on our experiences.Check it out here.



In Chardi Kala,
Sharon Kaur
Intern and AAHA Graduate

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