Washington, DC - We are looking for eight outstanding individuals, 17 and older who are driven to promote seva and civil and human rights to participate in our Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA), taking place July 6th-July 11th in Washington, DC. Listen to what one of our graduates has to say about what to expect if selected to be a part of this one of a kind experience.
Dear Sangat Ji,
My name is Sharon Kaur and I am writing to you today to share my experiences as an intern, academy student, and summit participant for UNITED SIKHS.
The UNITED SIKHS Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy was one of the most rewarding experiences that not only helped launch my career, but also opened the door for me to get involved with the Sikh community in America.


Sharon Kaur, UNITED SIKHS, Representing the Sikh community at the South Asian Americans
Leading Together (SAALT) Summit in Washington, DC, USA.
Right off the bat, I knew that AHAA was going to be a life-changing experience for me. I was exposed to the importance of NGOs and how they work to provide disaster relief. Along with that, I had the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals who worked with the federal government, private sector, and NGOs. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from representatives from the Department of Justice, US AID, and the NAACP. The highlight of the academy was meeting Hilary Shelton who is the director of the NAACP.
The advocacy training we received from staff and guest speakers was crucial to our preparation for our day at the Capitol. Issues such as including Sikhs in the census, allowing Sikhs to serve in the military, and raising awareness about challenges impacting Sikhs were brought forth to members of Congress during advocacy day.
As an intern for UNITED SIKHS, I got an in depth look into how policy and politics work on The Hill. My daily tasks included communicating with congressional offices, planning fundraising events for a Drugs and Rehabilitation Center (DEEVA) in Panjab, tracking bills pertinent to the Sikh community in America, and drafting lobbying memos to circulate in Congress.
The help and opportunities presented to me by the UNITED SIKHS staff helped shape me into a professional that I am today.


I left Washington, D.C. with a clear vision for my future career plans. The help I had from my former mentors and superiors allowed me focus on what I wanted to do in the future. Immediately following my internship with UNITED SIKHS and participating in AHAA, I was accepted into an internship program at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. This was an honor I could've never been awarded without the experience and guidance I received from working with UNITED SIKHS.
I strongly urge fellow college students to apply for the Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy. This years academy will start on July 6th and will end on July 11th. Deadline to submit the applications is June 3rd and it is fast approaching.
AHAA made me fully aware of the pressing issues Sikhs in our community face and also helped me learn from professionals in the fields of advocacy and humanitarian aid. My time at AHAA was a memorable one as I made connections with professionals, made new friends, and got to enjoy Washington, D.C. I hope you will take full advantage of this amazing opportunity being offered by UNITED SIKHS in order to further your personal and professional career goals like I did following the academy.

In Chardi Kala, 
Sharon Kaur
Student, AHAA, Graduate 2014, UNITED SIKHS

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