We Thank You For Helping Us Set Up GurKirpa Health Network!

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- The Drug De-addiction hospital receives visits from approximately 25-30 patients a day.
- GurKirpa Health Network has already held 2 medical camps where we have treated villagers for free.
- During the camp we conducted lab tests and prescribed free medicines.
- Over 1,000 patients have been treated since the opening of the hospital.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we are humbled to share with you that UNITED SIKHS GurKirpa Health Network has officially been inaugurated in Panjab and has already treated over 1000 patients, 40 of which were children.

The hospital is dedicated and accessible to all 22 surrounding villages and will impact 40,000 lives. The inauguration was attended by doctors, nurses, UNITED SIKHS staff and members of the Panjab community. At the moment the hospital operates from 9am -5pm, including Sundays.The staff includes medical and homoeopathic doctors and nurses.

The hospital has two departments, an OPD (out-patient department) facility where we deliver ECG, X-rays, blood pressure check-up, injectables, homoeopathy medicines, as well as treating serious and minor accidental cases.Furthermore, the IPD (in-patient department) admits patients for 2 to 6 hours, under supervision of a doctor to treat them for more serious issues such as dehydration, typhoid, UTI and nebulisation in asthmatic cases.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has revealed that Panjab is the second state within the whole of India to have the highest number of drug and alcohol dependants. While, the Guru Nanak University in Panjab has discovered that 73.5% of Panjab’s youth are drug dependants.

Our 26 bed innovation has the ability to transforms the lives of many drug and alcohol dependants within in Panjab.

In order for us to continue serving the panth we need to raise $100,000 a year to sustain our services to the community of Panjab.

We urgently need:

Indian Rupee 42,2611.00
U.S Dollar $7,018.95
British Pounds £4,298.85

-Security Cameras:
Indian Rupee 69,367.00
U.S Dollar $1,152.08
British Pounds £705.61

We rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. This Thanksgiving, will you make a pledge to save and support another life?  

Issued By:
Gurvinder Singh

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