Winter Without a Home
As winter storms brutally hit the East Coast of the United States, citizens are being given fair warning and all the materials necessary in order to prepare for any disaster. Now, imagine being caught in a snowstorm without having warm clothes or any supplies at your disposal.
Refugee families walking over the icy hills.
This feeling of desolation and cold is a minor fraction of what the Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees feel on a daily basis- as they are given no food or funds to prepare for any sort of storm. While Gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship) on the East Coast of the USA are being opened to help shelter the homeless through this storm, UNITED SIKHS volunteers are working relentlessly in Macedonia to help families of refugees that have no place to call home.
The mother of a young child was convinced to take her daughter to a hospital, as the child was seen suffering from bad congestion and a thick cough. The lack of preparedness and materials readily available is limited as winter is brutally hitting Macedonia with temperatures such as -10 ℃.
January 27, 2016: more than 22,000 refugees have been served and fed - courtesy of UNITED SIKHS volunteers that have been aiding refugees abroad. Volunteers on the ground have been handing out coats, mittens, shoes, and warm clothes in effort to further help these refugees. While receiving this winter gear, the refugees are also being served vegetarian shorba.
UNITED SIKHS volunteer, Faton, taking his own socks off to give to a refugee so that his feet could stay warm.
While we are honored to have been able to feed thousands of refugees to date, there are even more who will need our help as winter continues. "I feel blessed that there are kind , generous people in this world who have given us the opportunity to feed more than 22,000 refugees by contributing their hard earned money. We have enough funds to keep going for another month. We want to feed them the whole winter. It is possible only with your help," said Rishiwant Singh, UNITED SIKHS volunteer on ground.
There is strenuous work being put in by UNITED SIKHS volunteers on the ground, and our job of supporting the hard-workers is simple. During this time of need, any support and donations would be greatly appreciated. Even the smallest donation can be life-changing for these families that are suffering on a daily basis. Together, we can end their suffering.
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Rishiwant Singh
Asia Pacific Humanitarian Relief Coordinator, UNITED SIKHS
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