FBI Takes Steps to Include Sikhs in Hate Crimes Tracking Program

(Washington, DC) – The FBI has released a new version of their training manual for law enforcement which now includes guidelines on how to track Anti-Sikh bias and hate crimes directed towards Sikhs. This training manual serves as the go-to training resource used by law enforcement officials when determining how to investigate a hate crime.

In the past year, UNITED SIKHS has been working closely with other civil rights groups to assist the FBI in their processes to formulate the proper language to be included in the manual pertaining to the Sikh community. By working together, we have taken a step towards ensuring accurate reporting of hate crimes committed against Sikhs

What the New Training Manual Includes

The FBI’s new training manual contains a section to distinguish between anti-Arab, Anti-Hindu, Anti-Muslim, and Anti-Sikh hate crimes. This includes special considerations to be taken by the law enforcement when working with victims from these communities. There is also a section specifically dedicated towards identifying Anti-Sikh hate crimes. Additionally, it includes updated def­i­n­i­tions on Sikhism and train­ing sce­nar­ios to provide examples of possible hate crimes against the Sikh community and how to identify it as an Anti-Sikh hate crime for tracking purposes.

Next Steps

With the training manual including Sikhs for the first time, it will educate law enforcement about the Sikh faith and community. We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to continuing our work with the FBI to improve the manual and law enforcement trainings even further. We are hopeful the FBI will refine the language to ensure appropriate classification of crimes when a Sikh is targeted for his, or her articles of faith but the perpetrator may not know the victim is a Sikh. With 99% of turban-wearers in this country being Sikh, we would like to see this clearly classified as an Anti-Sikh hate crime. UNITED SIKHS will continue to work with the FBI to improve these training materials and to educate law enforcement about Sikhism moving forward.

We commend the FBI for this historic step forward for the Sikh community and we look forward to continuing our work together to further improve the manual and ensure law enforcement is better serving minority communities in America.

UNITED SIKHS is dedicated to advocating for and representing the Sikh community. Please continue to support our efforts by donating today.

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