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Missing Persons Helpline and Web Page Activated.
UNITED SIKHS AID Relief Efforts Continue for Uttarakhand Victims.


Rishikesh, India- After weeks of relief efforts providing basic necessities to those affected by the deadly floods in Northern India, UNITED SIKHS has established a missing persons hotline and a website to assist flood victims in finding their loved ones currently missing. You can reach out to the Helpline for Uttarakhand victims by calling +91-8826369335.

Uttrakhand Relief Uttrakhand Relief Uttrakhand Relief
UNITED SIKHS AID Team members assisting with the search for missing loved ones

UNITED SIKHS AID Team consisting of four; Amitoj Singh, Charanjit Singh, Sati Singh and Harshdeep Singh; have arrived in Rishikesh at the relief camps to assist tracking down the status of many still missing. The team is diligently interviewing family members and retrieving pictures of those still not accounted for. From the results of these interviews, UNITED SIKHS has established Search4Missing webpage where you can find information on missing persons or add to the database. Please feel free to share the website with family and friends still in search of their loved ones: This website aims is to bridge the all important gap between those who are missing to those who are searching for them.

According to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Vice Chairman, Shashidhar Reddy, over 11,000 people are feared to be still missing due to the flash-floods and landslides in Uttarakhand. Victims are still facing the need for food, water, and refugee.

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Amitoj Singh, UNITED SIKHS Team Coordinator, shared, “In these difficult times, we have already met and interviewed over 100 survivors in search of their loved ones. It is important to get the correct information so that the level of panic decreases. Loved ones are eager to know the situation of those who were in Uttarakhand.”

As the days go by, UNITED SIKHS AID Team will continue to provide the necessary services inclusive of the rebuilding process and the distribution of hot meals. Volunteers are needed and encouraged to join the efforts. Plans to rebuild and restore life in these damaged areas have begun. Homes, businesses, and the Gurudwara all need to be restored before life can begin normally once again.

UNITED SIKHS AID Team can do a lot more with your help. Please consider donating generously to this cause. Our team will purchase the needed items locally. Your support at this time is essential to this relief process, please visit

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of our volunteers and donors. Without your contributions, we will not be able to assist so many families in need. We would also like to thank the Gurudwara in Rishikesh for allowing the UNITED SIKHS AID Team to set up their base there.

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