Victims of Submerged Kelantan Need Your Help Today! Make a Donation and Save Lives!

Kula Krai Gurdwara, destroyed.

Malaysia has been hit by one of the worst floods in decades leaving 10 people dead and more than 160,000 people displaced across the country,without food or shelter. The monsoon season brought heavy rain and winds, worsening the condition.

Kelantan Relief team leader Rishiwant Singh said: "Water levels have reached dangerous levels and individuals are trapped with no food and water, two basic and essential needs of life. The situation is critical. UNITED SIKHS have decided to supply goods to the victims in the affected areas."

Kelantan is one of the worst affected states where more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. Furthermore, we have been informed that the Kuala Krai Gurdwara, including the Nisahn Sahib, has been submerged by the severe flooding. Thankfully, the three families who were in the Gurdwara escaped.

Kelantan Relief team leader Rishiwant Singh was contacted by a flood victim with three children, who were begging for assistance after surviving without the basic survival items such as food and water. There have also been reports of people resorting to robbery out of desperation for basic needs.

The need for aid is extremely critical. The UNITED SIKHS Kelantan ground volunteers are risking their lives in treacherous weather conditions and no electricity. Families and children need food in order to survive the wrath of the floods.

Kelantan, worst affected area in Malaysia.

The team had requested 700kg for air cargo, but were given 10,000kg. Approximately, 300kg of aid is ready to be transported to Kelantan. The aid will be distributed from the Kota Bahru Gurdwara Sahib which is within the flood zone. The following is being delivered in the first stage of the humanitarian efforts:

Aid Ready For Distribution

Child Milk
Toilet Paper
Energy Bars
Sanitary Pads
Wet Wipes

The relief team has been lent a helicopter by one of our long-term and generous supporters,Captian Bagawan Singh. This is the first time in UNITED SIKHS' humanitarian aid history that the team has been able to obtain a helicopter to deliver aid to disaster victims. Captain Bagawan Singh will be assisting the relief team with their delivery efforts.

However, our work has only just begun. We want to bring back a sense of normality,sustainability, and community within Malaysia. We ask supporters for donations in order to provide essential items that many people are without. Our global humanitarian aid effort needs your HELP to assist with delivering food and basic survival items.

UNITED SIKHS would like to convey its gratitude to Setia Alam Sikhs for funding freight concessions, as well as all others who have taken the time to support victims of this disaster.

As 2015 draws near let's continue to unite and make a difference, make an impact, and make a change. Malaysia is counting on YOU!

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