March 31st, 2015 Toronto, Canada.
Last Sunday at Halton Gurdwara Oakville UNITED SIKHS with the patronage of Halton Gurdwara conducted a seminar on awareness of drug and alcohol abuse. In this seminar audience was made aware of the types of addictions, reasons for use and abuse. How to stop the abuse of these drugs was discussed in detail.
Tanbir Kaur, Director UNITED SIKHS Canada said, "We always find an excuse for consuming these types of drugs and alcohol, In particular these days drinking alcohol is considered as a fashion. Also, many people have been heard saying that Sikhs can consume liquor. This is why these days' families are facing so many issues".
Dr. Inderjit Singh, who is runs a medical clinic in Hamilton area explained, "Parents bring their kids for the treatment for addictions and related problems when it is too late, bring kids to us from child hood so that we can form a friendly relationship with them as kids would agree to a friendly approach than if we deal from a doctors perspective".Dr. Singh discussed in detail about alcohol and other drugs, various types and their common names. He said when kids talk to their friends about these drugs the parents don't have a clue what they are talking about as the names they use resemble common house hold items we use in our day to day life. He also cautioned about certain new types of drugs which are not yet fullyunderstood by medical science, their consumption can even disable a child".Dr. Singh did provide statistical information about the age groups of kids who are using these drugs, also he pointed out the legal challenges that one can face due to abuse of these drugs.
Harinder Singh Sahota, who is a case manager with Punjabi Community Health Services for the last 15 - 20 years said, "Consumption of Alcohol is considered as a social gesture. People generally say that they are not addicted, but they just drink to relax or socialize. Although kids are noticing what's going on in the house. Having a bar in the house is also becoming a common thing and this is also a reason for destruction of our families. Instead of libraries in our house bars have ruined our homes."
Baldev Mutta said in his speech, "The main drawback in Punjabi community is that we don't understand the problems of our kids. If we do understand then instead of seeking help we think that the issue will resolve by itself. Also, our way of dealing with the kids is wrong, we try to dictate and get angry at them rather than having a friendly and open discussion, this is completely wrong. We can make a child understand in a friendly way and not by force".
In conclusion Tanbir Kaur stressed, "Mothers can play an important role in saving our kids' from addictions. On one hand we will need to stop watching TV serials, also when our kid comes back from school we will need to take out some time for them. We should daily check their school bags, ask them about their day in school. The need of the hour is to be friends with your kids and not get mad at them". Tanbir Kaur thanked the Guru Granth Sahib, Gurdwara Management Committee and Sadh Sangat for making this seminar a huge success. She said that UNITED SIKHS will organize more such seminars and programs in future.
Programs organized by UNITED SIKHS are made possible by the Daswandh donated by Sangat. In order to donate or to learn more about United Sikhs Programs you may call the numbers provided or visit the website.UNITED SIKHS needs volunteers:
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Sukhwinder Singh

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