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UNITED SIKHS, a UN-affiliated non-profit organization in association with their global supporters have successfully impacted the lives of people by defending their civil and human rights. They have provided humanitarian support to victims through community empowerment.
UNITED SIKHS receives reports from Sikh adults and children who are victims of race/biased/hate crimes and from those being denied their rights to practice their religion. A Sikh's right to wear his articles of faith has been challenged in schools, the workplace, Prisons and other public places. UNITED SIKHS provides advice, counsel and legal representation to those whose legal rights are being denied by errant and misinformed authorities and the public. A critical aspect of UNITED SIKHS' advocacy work is to create an awareness of the issues amongst authorities and the public through talks, seminars and multifaith events.
UNITED SIKHS embarked another milestone where The Melton Christian College (MCC) has amended its uniform policy this month to enrol 5-year-old Sidhak Singh in the new academic year, after refusing his admission last year because he wore a patka, a head covering worn by Sikh children & with the commissioning of Iknoor Singh, a Sikh to the ROTC, a US army volunteer corps.
The nation's largest and most diverse police department and the U.S. Department of Defense will accommodate Sikh religious freedoms by allowing Sikhs to serve with their articles of faith.
UNITED SIKHS launched Civil Rights Survey which will shed light on the extent to which members of the Sikh community experience hate crimes and or bullying and also help the organization better advocate for Sikh and civil and human rights in the coming years. It will serve as a manifesto of the issues the Sikh community believes will be most pressing in 2018. The manifesto will serve to focus the organization's vision, help create its priorities and provide direction.
Some of the events UNITED SIKHS, International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA) under took in the year 2017 -
Sikh Summit 2017: The SIKH SUMMIT is an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in civil and human rights, humanitarian aid, and working towards a more inclusive America to see how they can make a real impact.
UNITED SIKHS responded to California Murders. Highlighted an discussed hate crimes an violence with officials from the Department of Justice, members of FBI crime units and various congressmen and women.
Deepinder Singh, employee of a gas-station, Federal Way, Washington State The business community of Federal Way, Washington State is upset with the rising crime in that region. Recently, a Sikh gas-station worker received a death threat.. UNITED SIKHS is working with the United States Department of Justice, Community Relations Service to have meetings with the community leadership and local police department so that their grievances are addressed with on discussions improvised security measures in that location.
Karnail Singh, UK: Royal Mail Send's Apology After Postman Makes Racist Comment. "Quick! Run! He has a bomb!" said the Royal Mail postman, to his colleague, as Mr Karnail Singh put his rucksack down, to grab his water bottle. UNITED SIKHS sent a direct message to Royal Mail and received an apology.
Random Police Stops(carding) have impacted Sikh Community in Canada. Together with the partnership of Carleton University and UNITED SIKHS a project to understand how Random Police Stops (carding) have impacted our Sikh community.
Las Vegas: UNITED SIKHS was the first sikh organization to act immediately with the help of their local volunteers. UNITED SIKHS condemned the "senseless act" of terror. Our volunteers teamed with Gurdwaras, where shelter, hot meals (langar) and other assistance is being offered to all who may need it. Sikh taxi drivers are volunteering to drive people. A fund of $10,000 was released for the victims and their families.
UNITED SIKHS believes that Hate crimes cannot be properly reported and categorized unless Sikhs are recognized as a separate ethnic group and counted by the census because without an accurate number of the overall population, we cannot know what percentage of the community has been affected by hate crimes. Counting Sikhs separately will help the government to document, prosecute, and prevent hate crimes. This was expressed to law during the 2017 Sikh Summit.
The UNITED SIKHS 2017- 2018 CIVIL RIGHTS SURVEY will shed light on the extent to which members of the Sikh community experience hate crimes and or bullying. It will serve as a manifesto of the issues the Sikh community believes will be most pressing. The manifesto will serve to focus the organization's vision, help create its priorities and provide direction.To complete the 2017-2018 Civil Rights Survey please click here.
While we, UNITED SIKHS are on our way and will not leave any stone unturned and the battle is still not over, the team has been on a legal battle to support SIKH to wear their turban and have the liberty to remain unshorn.
Sikh cultural identity and Sikhs in law enforcement have been two of the main community concerns and are on top priority. We would like to reach out to all our patrons and supporters to join us in this noble battle and fund our advocacy costs for a Sikh's battle.

Chardi kala
Manwinder Singh
International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA),UNITED SIKHS
E: law@unitedsikhs.org

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