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United Sikhs Summit Reports

Sikhs in United States can be traced back nearly 100 years when they came to California to work on the railroads. However, in the past and still ongoing, Sikhs have faced biased treatment, racism and xenophobia despite the fact that many in the community proudly identify themselves as Americans. The problem has been compounded by media coverage, policies and general public attitudes toward immigrants, and in particular, those who have a distinct external appearance post the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.As a civil and human rights advocacy organization, UNITED SIKHS organizes a yearly Sikh Summit for Sikhs across the country to unite and hold meaningful dialogue with their local and national lawmakers and to promote solutions on important Sikh civil and human rights issues.

UNITED SIKHS invites you to join us at our nation's capitol to discuss issues crucial to the Sikh community.The participating Sikh Delegation, representing the interests of the community, will be meeting with House and Senate representatives who are members of relevant committees, along with other Federal officials in the Capitol, to work towards a better change.

Join us to make a difference!

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