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Community and Multifaith Awareness

The grounding principle of UNITED SIKHS' Multifaith work is "if you don't see God in all, you don't see God at all". The organisation is committed to working with other faiths and traditions, to advance a just and peaceful world. UNITED SIKHS is an active participant in international dialogue on multifaith issues, and specifically strives to improve the understanding and treatment of minority religions, traditions and beliefs.

By the very nature of its inception, UNITED SIKHS is also able to provide expert insight into the Sikh religion. We therefore use our expertise to raise awareness of Sikhism through seminars, lectures and innovative methods. Essentially the aim is to help employers, law enforcement officers, public officials and anybody else understand the religion and break down barriers faced by Sikhs, by showing that they can fully participate in all avenues of daily life.

The following sub projects are part of the Community and Multifaith Awareness project:


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