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DEEVA:Drugs Eradication through Education, Vigilance and Awareness

AIM: To provide drugs awareness education, detoxication and rehabilitation programmes especially in villages.
PLAY: Providing Lively Activities for Youths
i) To build and run recreation centers in villages, schools and colleges to give youths an outlet of expression; and
ii) To provide mentoring to youths.

There is a dire shortage of healthy recreational facilities in villages and educational institutions resulting in the youths turning to cable television and drugs for pleasure.

A project paper has been prepared which details the setting up of a pilot PLAY activity centre. This centre will house games, sporting and counselling facilities that will be managed by a trained sports facilitator/counsellor.

B) Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centres
DíCARE:Detoxification and Counselling as a Rehabilitation Effort

UNITED SIKHS is currently looking at a number of successful centers with views to inviting them to set up a pilot center.