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Homeless advocates in the United States said in February 2009 that if the new Congress and the Barack Obama administration do nothing, many more low-income people already teetering on the brink could end up living on the streets over the next two years ( source : Inter Press Service:  http://www. 05/544 ).

UNITED SIKHS volunteers fed several hundred homeless people in downtown Toronto, on 20th Feb 2009, to kick off a ' FEED THE HUNGRY ' campaign in response to the economic crisis which has left many people without jobs and homes. Under the ' Feed the Hungry ' campaign, UNITED SIKHS will work with Gurdwaras (Sikh place of worship), to feed and clothe the needy from all communities around the world. To date 10 Gurdwaras in Ontario have agreed to participate in this campaign.


Since 2004, UNITED SIKHS has mobilized 12 disaster relief missions spanning 8 countries in Asia and North America, including the Asian Tsunami, Asian Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and the Myanmar Cyclone. The ' Feed the Hungry ' campaign is an extension of UNITED SIKHS' humanitarian relief work in response to the dire need for food caused by man-made crises.


If you wish to volunteer for this Campaign, email us at or call a UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you. For details see .

As a volunteer you may collect, prepare and serve food and clothes; donate money or organize a FEED THE HUNGRY event in your city or town.


To Donate, please go to or send a check to a UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you.

Continuous updates will be issued by UNITED SIKHS. To receive forthcoming bulletins join our UNITED SIKHS Yahoo group. Please Be Involved, Click here and Join UNITED SIKHS

Past Feed the Hungry events