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Tsunami Relief Project

GHANAIA is an international relief effort, established by UNITED SIKHS in 2003 to provide impartial, non-partisan aid and assistance to victims in disaster situations. GHANAIA stands for Giving Humanitarian Aid Necessities Assistance Impartially to All and is inspired by the Sikh saint, Bhai Ghanaia Ji, who served in the army of the 10th Sikh Enlightener, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and gave water and medicine to ailing war soldiers and victims without prejudice, seeing the same God in all beings. For more information on GHANAIA, please e-mail: 

Media Reports  

Relief Effort

UPDATE: Volunteers of the GHANAIA Tsunami Relief Project are providing relief aid to tsunami victims in Banda Aceh. We are currently arranging volunteers and making strategic partnerships at ground level to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in the relief process. Our aim is to feed and support the victims of this disaster, especially those who have not yet been reached. Your financial contributions are immediately beneficial and very much needed. Please fundraise in at your community hall, church, gurdwara, etc. on holidays to support this project.

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Type of Relief
The aim of the GHANAIA Tsunami Relief Project is to provide immediate, personal hunger aid. Ready-to-eat cooked food, in the form of langar, will be made accessible to victims of the disaster in a direct matter. Long-term access to clothing is also part of the project, but will not be initiated until immediate physical health concerns are pacified. It is our effort to give the displaced, homeless and diseased people healthy food and nourishment, as these resources are scarcely available in the most affected areas.

It is our goal to immediately feed the displaced and homeless victims of this tragedy to prevent malnutrition and further health deterioration. GHANAIA volunteers will also partner with local and international relief agencies to provide the best care to the individuals that need it most.

GHANAIA will set-up langar camps in Banda Acheh (Indonesia), Sri Lanka, India, and other affected areas. We also aim to extend aid to areas of disaster victims that have been neglected or not reached by current relief efforts.


None of this effort is possible without financial contributions. Please exercise your responsibility of Dasvandh (10% Donation from Income) and donate to the Relief Fund. Your contribution will have real, immediate effects that will provide sustenance and hope to the disaster victims.

Please donate, even if you cannot give a lot. Your contribution will help victims directly.

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Description of Work:
Volunteers will be responsible for various duties including immediate relief work on location at relief camps and langars in areas including but not limited to Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This is a travelling seva, and has the potential to positively and directly impact the victims of this disaster. Some volunteers are also required for non-travel administrative work.


    Volunteers must:
  • be at least 18 years of age in good health to travel to the disaster area; current with immunizations and free of transmittable diseases
  • be able to get permission to travel to India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia
  • have proper status to allow re-entry back into the country of origin
  • have conversational skills in English, Panjabi, Hindi or Bahasa Indonesia
  • commit to spend the entire trip time on relief work as required of them
  • be a team worker and work in the true spirit of service.

We have a sufficient number of volunteers at this stage of our project, which focusses on immediate food and medical assistance and assessment of long-term needs. However, we encourage individuals who would like to volunteer in the next stages to e-mail their applications to and to visit our website for further updates. This relief effort will require many volunteers and financial assistance from donors worldwide.

Please consider contributing through a donation of your time to help the victims. Your efforts will have a real impact and benefit for those most affected by this tragedy.

Please click here to Join UNITED SIKHS for the application to the GHANAIA Tsunami Relief Project volunteer roster.

You will automatically be sent application forms, please fill them out and send these forms immediately to the contacts provided in the documents.

You will be contacted as soon as your services can be effectively utilized. Thank you for your sincere support and patience.  


What is Needed:
Contributions of clothing, medicine and food items are urgently required to make sure relief efforts are effective and efficient. Please e-mail now to find out the location of the collection centre nearest to you.


We require your assistance to increase awareness of the GHANAIA Tsunami Relief Project. In order to do this, we ask that you please e-mail the entire content of this page to all of your relatives, family and friends. Please make announcements of this project on your local radio, newspaper and television outlets.

  We have also prepared a poster about the project to help you take action in your community. Click Here to view the poster (in jpg format). If you would like to download the poster, right-click and choose "Save Target As.." and save the file to your computer. Please print this poster and put it in your local gurdwara, community centre and place of work.

Please discuss with your Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee and have them make a donation payable to UNITED SIKHS to help with the relief effort. Click Here to view and print an updated sample letter, which you can give to your Gurdwara Management sevadars. You can also fundraise for this effort by setting up a booth at the Gurdwara, as there will be a large amount of sangat at the gurdwara on Sundays. Your help will help the victims of this disaster by creating local awareness that will lead to more contributions of food, clothing, medication and money. Please take whatever steps you can to promote this project.

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