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Internships with UNITED SIKHS
Below are specifications for Internships with UNITED SIKHS


Internship US001: Legal Intern

Location: New York, Toronto and London


UNITED SIKHS International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA)

UNITED SIKHS undertakes advocacy projects to maintain and expand civil and human rights globally and we involve our legal interns to help further that goal.

Our program is designed to expose interns to legal aspects of public interest work. Interns will have an opportunity to work with the attorneys/lawyers and paralegals on a range of significant issues and projects. Although we cannot predict what our needs would be for each term, the projects will most likely involve factual and legal research regarding topics such as racial profiling, indigent defence, education, free speech, cyber-liberties, and national security. Interns will also be responsible for managing all correspondence and inquiries from the public.

For our summer term internship, we require a minimum of 10-12 week commitment. This position is full-time. We additionally offer fall/autumn and spring term internships, for which we require a minimum 4-8 week commitment. The fall/autumn and spring positions are part-time and weekly hours are negotiable. All internships are unpaid. We make every effort to cover daily commuting expenses, although terms of reimbursement are conditional.

Applicants should have an interest in social and legal issues, excellent writing and communications skills, and the initiative and energy necessary to see projects to completion. The number of interns that we can accept varies, but we usually accept 2 interns each term.

The deadline is December 15, for the spring, April 14, for the summer, and August 1, for the fall/autumn internship programs. Applications received after these dates will only be considered if space is available.

See far below for application procedure.

Internship US002: Researcher/Analyst

Location: All Chapters

Objective of this Internship: To take on new challenges and find solutions

  • Assist in locating problem areas in communities (SIKH, or non-Sikh), in which UNITED SIKHS could possibly work 
  • Find solutions to problems and see where it fits in with UNITED SIKHS’ work.
  • Help create a proposal to tackle the problems, by working with writers, Directors, and managers.
  • Help execute the project with the project managers and volunteers and other interns.
  • Skills and assets: Good communication skills, creativity, self-motivation, and analytical mind.

Internship US003: Writer

Location: All Chapters

  • Write Project and Field Reports after discussion with Directors and activists
  • Interact with the Project Coordinator and other field members ON A REGULAR BASIS to obtain and document updates 
  • Obtain report approvals from the UNITED SIKHS Edit team and Project Director
  • Work with researchers and analysts and help write proposals

Internship US004: Activists/Volunteers

Location: All Chapters

  • Make presentations and execute projects, with help from managers, Directors, volunteers and other staff members.
  • Represent UNITED SIKHS at various official meetings
  • Represent UNITED SIKHS’ rallies and public meetings
  • Skills: Excellent written and oral skills in English and Panjabi. Knowledge of additional languages an asset.

Internship US005: Project Manager

Location: All Chapters

A Project Manager: manages projects in concert with the Operations Manager.

  • Interact with the Operations Manager and project Director to help define the scope of the project.
  • Work closely with other staff members
  • Lead the team in a professional manner
  • Outline the various risks and issues of the project with the Operations Manager
  • Coordinate with the team to execute the project
  • Manage and support Interns
  • Represent UNITED SIKHS in meetings and presentations.
  • Manage the work of writers, researchers, and activists.

Internship US006: Media Specialists

Location: All Chapters

  • Go to meetings, take photographs, videos and use media equipment.
  • Build a database of online TV and radio shows. 
  • Represent UNITED SIKHS on various talk shows 
  • Participate in projects undertaken by our Film team

Internship US007: Designers/Artists

Location: All Chapters

  • Design merchandise, gear, and graphic designs.
  • Design and create presentation material with other interns.

Internship US008: Information Technology Experts, Web-Designers/Developers

Location: All Chapters

  • Maintain and develop the UNITED SIKHS website
  • Make sure all electronic equipments are in working order.
  • Repair any damaged or broken equipment or programs.
  • Advise the Operation manager and directors to efficiently use electronic equipment.
  • Help the UNITED SIKHS staff, to use the software programs efficiently.
  • Suggest any updates, changes and improvements to further enhance UNITED SIKHS website.
  • Help in maintaining the UNITED SIKHS website and subscribe to new
    yahoogroups. To make sure that UNITED SIKHS news/PR/Community Voices reach out to yahoogroups and also to like-minded organizations.

Internship US009: Database Coordinator

Location: All Chapters

  • Work closely with Project managers and the Operations Manager to develop and maintain a sound database facility
  • Update UNITED SIKHS’ databases e.g. the administrative, project based databases e.g. the hate crime database
  • Work closely with UNITED SIKHS’ main Database operator so that relevant information is updated into the master database.

Internship US0010: Accounting

Location: All Chapters

  • Assist accounts managers with using QuickBooks efficiently.
  • Assist the UNITED SIKHS accountant
  • Do book keeping to keep track of donations and expenses
  • Ensure that donors receive receipts with thank-you notes promptly.

Internship US0011: Fundraising

Location: All Chapters

Please apply to join our fundraising team if you are a professional fundraiser, or can help in community based fundraising or have fundraising ideas to suggest.


Internship US0012: Community Education Providers

Location: New York and London

UNITED SIKHS runs community education projects and require Interns and volunteers with skills to help run courses and organise events:

  • To manage phones and student logs/update logs
  • To provide computer education e.g. Microsoft training courses (word. excel, access, ppt)
  • To tutor students for after school homework
  • To teach Panjabi
  • To teach Gurbaani uchaaran and aarth bodh (interpretations)
  • To conduct Gurmat sangeet classes
  • To teach English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • To be a games or sports or fitness instructor
  • To be a gatka (Sikh martial arts) instructor
  • To run Creativity workshops


Please submit your application online at

Legal interns should additionally email their resume and a sample of their written work to the Volunteer/Internship Co-ordinator. The Volunteer/Internship Co-ordinator may be contacted at


UNITED SIKHS is committed to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities amongst its employees, volunteers and project beneficiaries.

UNITED SIKHS fervently believes in the promotion of diversity and equality for the benefit of the public by promoting the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of age, colour, race, religion or belief, caste, ethnic or social origin, gender, genetic features, disability, sexual orientation or language, by advancing education in equality and diversity, and by promoting attitudes, customs and practices in favour of equality.

Promotion of diversity and equality will occur through the use of publications, the media, and public advocacy and through meeting the charitable needs of those who have suffered discrimination on the aforementioned terms.