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Minorities and Indigenous Rights

Violations of human rights against minority and indigenous peoples continue to be a common occurrence. In 1992, the General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, the only United Nations instrument which addresses the special rights of minorities in a separate United Nations document. The establishment, in 1995, of the United Nations Working Group on Minorities, is another important achievement to date.

However, it is up to organizations like UNITED SIKHS to respond to day to day human rights violations against minorities and indigenous groups.

Many such people have limited ability or means to challenge the discriminations and violations of human rights which they suffer, so it remains important for UNITED SIKHS to continue helping such people by raising awareness of the avenues of protection available and the possibilities of attaining one’s rights.

UNITED SIKHS works to raise awareness of the plight of minorities across the world, specifically those who are suffering because of their religious convictions, or because they belong to a minority ethnic group. We make our knowledge of such minorities available to the societies in which minorities are currently suffering, and aim to educate the wider public about their plight to help improve their treatment. It is hoped that the two-pronged approach of educating the general public of minority issues, and providing minorities with means of challenging the problems they face, will lead to the full acceptance of minority and indigenous people by the world community.

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