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Myanmar Cyclone ‘Nargis' Disaster Relief

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A devastating cyclone, ‘Nargis’ that made landfall on May 2nd brought catastrophic damage to the coastal areas of Myanmar.



The government and media of Myanmar put the death toll at 34, 273 whilst the UN estimates that the actual death toll could be between 62,000 and 100,000. UNITED SIKHS relief teams all over the world are in the process of mobilizing volunteers for much needed relief efforts in the disaster-hit regions. Survivors claim this to be the worst storm to hit the country that swept away villages leaving more than 1 million people homeless.


Hungry survivors waiting for food and water. Photo courtesy: BBC



The five most affected regions are Yangon (Rangoon), Ayeyawaddy, Bago, Kayin and Mon. In the aftermath of the Cyclone, outbreaks of water borne diseases, malaria and dengue fever are a serious possibility.

It is imperative that we get your support through time, effort and money to make this outreach successful. Sikh Aid will continue to assess the situation and provide material and medical supplies as needed.



Continuous updates will be issued by UNITED SIKHS. To receive forthcoming bulletins join our UNITED SIKHS Yahoo group. Please Be Involved, Click here and Join UNITED SIKHS


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