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UNITED SIKHS AID Philippines Relief Effort

Sponsor a Home and Support a Family for 1000USD / 625 / 725Euro's

"We walked alongside thousands of people for about 20 km during a grueling 8 hour trek to seek safety and life from the devastation in Tacloban surrounded with dead bodies lying all around us, we need HELP!" - Sawinder Singh, 26- Typhoon Haiyan Survivor.
We have committed to build 200 homes and families in this region.
UNITED SIKHS team visited 7 different villages in the Antique province of Panay Islands where we were able to provide food aid containing coffee, milk, sugar, milo, cereal, biscuits, toothpaste and sanitizer. Food aid provided to 1000 families who survived the typhoon in the Antique province of Panay Islands of Philippines. To view the album, please click here. To read more, please click here.

Sponsor A Home

Update as of December 18th 2013- UNITED SIKHS has adopted Crossing Lais village in Panay Islands to build homes and serve a free kitchen for the next month .
With every dollar coming to us from around the world, with every effort put into planning of homes here, finally after weeks of awaiting we have our first few homes coming in shape. Today we are working on 6 more homes and getting the roof frames up. We have 34 more homes to go. The homeless will have a solid roof on their head soon.
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Despite these efforts, our work is yet to begin. Millions are without homes in the Philippines. It costs about US $1000 to build one home. What we are requesting is that you and members of your community take this opportunity to SPONSOR A HOME. Rebuilding one home rebuilds one family's hope for a normal life again.

The $1000 is for the building of a home and Guru Nanak Langgar (food) for a month. This includes logistics, transportation cost, supplies, manpower, etc. All cost included to give a family a chance to restart their lives. They lost everything but their lives.

Type Of Homes

Our team consulted with engineers and decided to proceed to build concrete and plywood houses with solid base. This new type of homes will last up to level 4 typhoon. The bamboo houses would not have lasted another typhoon.
The Governor of Capiz, Panay Island stated, "This has never been done by any NGO here and we are proud to say that only UNITED SIKHS are making proper homes for the village people of Panay today."
This Holiday Season, let's gift someone a Home... please donate today!
To review a breakdown of the material and their costs, please click here.

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