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link opens in new window SGPC to Issue White Paper on Turban Issue
Dubbing the ban on the wearing of turban in schools of France as an attack on religious freedom of the Sikhs, Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, said today that…
November 28, 2004
link opens in new window Malaysia Court Upholds Turban Ban
Malaysia's second-highest court has backed a head teacher's decision to expel three Muslim boys for wearing turbans to school. The judge overturned an earlier ruling that the school's ban on turbans had…
November 23, 2004
link opens in new window Dress and Discrimination
The turban of the Sikhs is once again caught in a controversy. The Sikhs have proved everywhere else—from the UK, Canada to the US—that they have a fundamental and inalienable right to wear…
November 10, 2004
Memorandum Presented by the Sikhs in Holland to the PM of India
Sikh community Benelux, Punjab Rights Organistaion Benelux, and Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) Holland presented a memorandum concerning the French turban Ban on 5th Nov. …
The Memorandum in Panjabi
November 9, 2004
link opens in new window Call to all Sikhs to Rally Round French Sikhs
Sikhs in the Capital today decided to press upon the international community and urged Sikhs all over the world to join hands to fight for the “just cause of French Sikhs”. …
November 7, 2004
link opens in new window Turban Ban Could Affect 'Study in France' Campaign
At a time when several countries are focusing on North India to attract students, France's turban ban in its institutions could prove counter-productive to its "Study in France" campaign. …
November 6, 2004
link opens in new window French School Expels 3 Sikh Students for Wearing Turban
Strictly enforcing its controversial law banning conspicuous religious signs and apparel in country’s schools, an institution has expelled three Sikh students for refusing to remove their turbans, their lawyer has said…
November 6, 2004
UNITED SIKHS Convinces Helsinki Commission to Investigate Turban Ban
UNITED SIKHS is pleased to announce that the United States Helsinki Commission, an independent federal agency that monitors and encourages the implementation of Helsinki Provisions, has urged the French Government to…
November 4, 2004


Koudrat Singh, of UNITED SIKHS, Outside Cergy Pontoise Courtroom
The court examined the case of three Sikh schoolchildren who risk expulsion from their school for wearing their turban. Two Muslim girls who refused to remove their head scarves have been…
October 20, 2004


French Sikhs seek panthic support on turban issue
The Franco-Sikh and United Sikh organisations, both associations of the French Sikhs, have welcomed the initiative taken by the Sikh Nation Organisation and its chairperson, …
July 3, 2004


UNITED SIKHS Rally Outside the UN Headquarters
UNITED SIKHS led a rally outside the United Nations head quarters on Sept 23 to protest against the French ban on the Sikh Turban and other religious head-coverings. …
September 26, 2004

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link opens in new window Berlin City Bans Headscarves
Following weeks of controversy over Islamic headscarves, municipal lawmakers Wednesday barred Berlin city employees from wearing "visible religious symbols" of any kind. …
March 31, 2004
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