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External Link Icon Sikhs follow French Ambassador to Stanford Univ.
More than one hundred Sikh demonstrators protested against France's ban on religious insignias in public schools on thursday morning outside the Consulate General of France. Sangat came from as far as Central valley to…
October 31, 2005
External Link Icon Local Sikhs Protest French Law
More than a hundred Sikh demonstrators protested France's ban on religious insignias in public schools Thursday morning outside the Consulate General of France in San Francisco. The protest came as French…
October 29, 2005
External Link Icon French Ban on Religious Garb in Schools Prompts Protest
The case of three turban-wearing teenagers expelled from high school in the Paris suburb of Bobigny last year brought Bay Area Sikhs out in protest Thursday at the French consulate in San Francisco. …
October 29, 2005
UN Religious Freedom Watchdog Raps French Veil Ban
FRANCE`S ban on religious symbols in state schools last year has humiliated some Muslim girls and caused a wave of intolerance against women wearing headscarves, a United Nations expert on…
October 6, 2005


External Link Icon Sikhs again fall foul of French ban on faith signs
Two Sikh boys have fallen foul of France's ban on religious clothing in state schools this year, with one excluded because of his turban and another forced to wear a small cloth instead…
September 16, 2005


link opens in new window Sikhs to protest at EU Parliament
London, England (KP) - The Sikh Community continues to campaign against the French law banning Sikh students in government schools from wearing turbans. The campaign is being spearheaded by…
May 16, 2005
link opens in new window British Sikhs to Protest Against French Law
UNITED Sikhs, a body of the Sikh community representing the interests of Sikhs in Europe and US and has offices in Amritsar, London and New York, is campaigning against the French law banning…
May 12, 2005


link opens in new window French Sikh Schoolboys Lose Turban Case in French Court
This week on April 19, a French administrative court in Melun, in the outskirts of Paris, upheld the expulsion of three Sikh school children for wearing a Turban on the grounds that the Turban made them…
April 24, 2005
link opens in new window 3 Sikh students to Stay Expelled: French court
A FRENCH administrative court in Temelun has upheld the expulsion of three Sikh schoolchildren for wearing turban on the ground that this article of faith made them instantly recognisable as Sikhs. …
April 21, 2005
French Turban Case Due for Judgment on 19th April 2005
"Visible" or "ostensible" insignia: the debate which shook the National Assembly during deliberations on the bill pertaining to wearing of insignia manifesting a religious affiliation in schools has resurged…
April 16, 2005


link opens in new window Victim of French Ban on Turban Seeks Help from Sikhs
Jasvir Singh, a Sikh student who was expelled from a public school in France for wearing turban, his mother Surjit Kaur and his brother Karamvir Singh have come to Punjab to seek help of Sikh politicians and religious leaders. …
March 28, 2005


France Failed to Satisfy UNO Human Rights Body, Says SNO
United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination "expressed disappointment at France's non recognition of minority groups" while considering the report of France on implementation of the…
February 26, 2005
link opens in new window Turkey Grants Student Amnesties
The Turkish parliament has granted an amnesty to 677,000 men and women who have been expelled from university over the past five years. The amnesty includes those expelled from university because their refusal to…
February 23, 2005
London MEPs Declaration Tabled
London MEPs declaration for religious rights and freedoms in France and throughout the european community tabled at the European Parliament on 21st February 2005.
February 23, 2005
PTI News
Punjabi newspaper cliping.
February 18, 2005
link opens in new window Hearing in Turban Case in France on February 11th
The ban on turban in French schools had hogged the limelight in recent months. However, the French Sikhs are continuing their struggle to be able to freely support turbans in their day-to-day life and not face any…
February 3, 2005
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