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French Sikh Wins Right to Wear Turban
The French High Court, the Conseil d'Etat, ruled today that a French Sikh has a right to wear his Turban for his driver's licence photo. The court ordered that Shingara Singh Mann be given his…
December 5, 2005


French Envoy: Religion is a Private Matter
A dozen turbaned Sikh men and women from the San Francisco Bay Area and Stanford alumni heard the French Ambassador to the United States, Jean-David Levitte justify the French Turban ban to a public gathering on…
October 29, 2005
The French Sikh community will have a taste of French justice on Friday, when an Administrative Tribunal will rule if Jasvir Singh, Bikramjit Singh and Manjit Singh has been unlawfully excluded from school for refusing to remove their Turbans.
October 21 2005
The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has joined hands with the UNITED SIKHS’ legal team to assist French Sikhs fight their case against the law that banned the wearing of the Turban in French public schools.
October 14 2005


UNITED SIKHS Member Petitions the European Parliament
A UNITED SIKHS member has petitioned the European Parliament to investigate the French law that bans the wearing of the Sikh Turban in French schools and seek France's compliance with European human rights…
September 26, 2005
Two More French-Sikh Students Stopped from Wearing Turban to School
Two more French Sikh students were not allowed to wear their turban in two separate schools which opened for the new academic year this week, making them this year's 'victims' of the French law that bans…
September 09, 2005


Press Release
UNITED SIKHS Writes to French Parliament Ahead of Schoolboys' Court Hearing Tomorrow
UNITED SIKHS has submitted to the President of the French National Assembly, Jean-Louis Debré, its representations to the Law Review Commission which will shortly review the law which banned the wearing of…
July 06, 2005


Action Alert
Call your Senators Today to Sign Letter to French President for Right to Turban
UNITED SIKHS is working with Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania to secure the support of the United States Senate to sign a letter to the French President expressing concern over the French ban on articles of…
June 27, 2005
Community Voice
NY Sikh Student Assaulted on School Grounds: After Being Called a 'terrorist'
Davinder Singh, a 15-year-old student of Bayside High School, was assaulted, called a 'terrorist' and threats to kill made against him and his family by a classmate's father on school grounds on June 1.
June 07, 2005
Community Voice
French Sikh Turban Issue Raised at UNESCO Conference
A delegation of French Sikhs led by UNITED SIKHS multifaith director, Jesbeer Kaur, raised the profile of the Turban issue at an international UNESCO conference on Religions for Peace on 1st June 2005, which was…
June 04, 2005


Press Release
Right to Turban Advocacy Continues in Full Vigour
Paris—A delegation comprising members of the French Action Committee for the Sikh Turban and UNITED SIKHS had a hectic schedule last week meeting the French government, lawyers for the…
May 17, 2005
Community Voice
UNITED SIKHS Highlights Sikh Turban Rights at Sikh Day Parade in New York
New York City, NY—A sea of Turbans and scarves processed down the streets of Manhattan as 20,000 Sikhs from the tri-state area followed colourful floats in the 18th annual Sikh Day Parade on April 30, 2005. …
May 16, 2005
Press Release
UNITED SIKHS Meets with an Array of Organizations
UNITED SIKHS Legal Director Harpreet Singh was invited to attend meetings with the following organizations. …
May 06, 2005


Press Release
French Sikh Schoolboys Lose Turban Case in Lower Court
A French administrative court in Melun today upheld the expulsion of three Sikh school children for wearing a Turban on grounds that the Turban made them instantly recognisable as Sikhs. …
April 19, 2005
Action Alert
French Turban Case Needs Turbaned Sikhs with EU Passports
Lawyers defending a French Sikh's right to wear a Turban for his driver's licence photo have made an urgent request to Turbaned Sikhs who are European Union (EU) nationals for evidence that they…
April 09, 2005


Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Considers Report of France
The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has considered the report of France on its implementation of the provisions of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination. …
February 26, 2005
Press Release
MEPs Pave the Way for Debate on Religious Freedoms and Rights in European Parliament
London Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have paved the way for a debate in the European Parliament on the French ban on religious signs in schools by launching a…
February 23, 2005
Press Conference
Religious Rights and Freedoms in France and Throughout the EU
Conservative MEP Philip Bushill-Matthews is co-author of a Written Declaration calling on the European Parliament to support religious rights and freedoms in France and throughout the EU, including the right to wear the…
February 23, 2005
Press Release
French Court: Not Illegal to Ask Sikh to Remove his Turban for his Drivers License Photo
A French administrative court ruled today that it was not illegal to ask a Sikh to take off his Turban for taking a photo for his drivers license. The decision follows an emergency hearing at the…
February 14, 2005
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