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Rights Under The Criminal Justice System

Most of our work on prisoners' and victims' rights is in ensuring that fundamental human rights of victims and prisoners are upheld. For e.g. we bring lawsuits on behalf of prisoners so that their loss of liberty in prison is not equated with a loss of a right to practise their faith.

We seek to assist victims of crimes, who are especially vulnerable for e.g. victims of domestic violence, child abuse and hate or race crimes or incidents. We are in the process of setting up telephone help-lines and face-to-face counselling services to ensure that victims can receive help expeditiously.

As a charity/non-profit organization, we aim to offer legal help as well as personal empowerment to those affected by a crime. To victims we provide confidential support to help them deal with their experience, whether or not they report the crime. Yet we also recognize that those charged with a crime may require equal assistance and so we offer unconditional support and information.

Our trained personnel at UNITED SIKHS can offer time and advice in circumstances where it is not provided by legal representatives. An example includes a case where a wife who voluntarily withdraws her complaint of domestic violence against her husband finds him charged for perverting the course of justice statement for his role in the preparation of the withdrawal statement. In such delicate circumstances support and legal advice is offered to both parties whilst confidentiality is maintained. In this way, UNITED SIKHS works to ensure that the fundamental human rights of victims and defendants are maintained.



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