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Sikhs For Fitness

UNITED SIKHS is concerned about the alarming increase in diseases, related to sedentary lifestyles in the South Asian community, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, depression, and artery clogging. UNITED SIKHS has seen the dual benefit of inculcating fitness while increasing Sikh Community’s participation in main stream community development projects such as Runs/Walks organized to promote a charitable cause.

Sikhs For Fitness is a multifaceted program that aims to

1. Increase the Sikh community’s participation in leisure physical activities such as running, hiking, yoga, bhangra-aerobics etc. promoting higher fitness levels
2. Increase the awareness of a good diet and stress eradication techniques
3. Increase the participation in fitness related events with the mainstream communities to promote – Sikh awareness and help the charitable cause for which the event is organized.