Friday 23rd of February 2018
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Following the resounding success of the 3rd Sikh Summit in May 2011, UNITED SIKHS invites community leaders to join hands and approach the Capitol to discuss issues crucial for the Sikh community this fall at the 2012 Sikh Summit.

In light of the recent tragedy at Wisconsin, we must work even harder to address the prejudice, profiling, hate crimes and ignorance that target and affect our community even 11 years after 9/11, leaving us vulnerable. Let us stand together and tackle issues of education and school curriculum concerning Sikhi, hate crimes and employment discrimination, as well as security for our community. Join us in the first week of October in Washington DC to speak with one voice, present our concerns, and suggest proactive solutions.

The primary focus areas of the 4th Annual Sikh Summit will be around Education, Security for the community, and Employment Discrimination?

The participating Sikh Delegation, representing the interests of the community, will be meeting with House and Senate representatives who are members of relevant committees, along with other Federal officials in the Capitol, to work towards a better change.

Join us to make a difference!