Sikh Summit 2011 Highlights Print
Friday, 14 September 2012 02:13
Our major achievements from the meetings at the 2011 Sikh Summit included:
Coordination of over 30 meetings advocating for Sikh civil and human rights with Members of Congress and Government Agencies including: Department of Justice (DOJ Civil Rights Division), DOJ (Community Relations Service), Department of Education (DOE Office of Civil Rights), and Census Bureau.
The Sikh Summit 2011 addressed issues that ranged from security policies to profiling at airports, bullying in schools, Sikhs in military uniform, the Sikh articles of faith, employment discrimination, as well as international issues such as the mass graves found in Haryana and Delhi, India, the kirpan ban in the Quebec parliament, and the forcible turban removal that occurred in Mohali, India. 
Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA – 32) called a meeting with the head of the TSA to let him know that she stands in solidarity with the Sikh community against racial profiling.
UNITED SIKHS also collaborated with Becky L. Monroe, Acting Director, Community Relations Service at the Department of Justice, in developing a dialogue between the Sikh community and law enforcement officials and fostering safer school environments.