Friday 23, February 2018

UNITED SIKHS Announced Sikh Summit 2010 To Represent Community Concerns At Capitol Hill 

Washington, D.C.: UNITED SIKHS is organizing the Sikh Summit 2010 from May 3rd to May 7th, 2010, where the participating members of the Sikh Delegation will meet with US Congressmen and Senators from different regions and share the concerns of the community with our lawmakers. Meetings will also be held with federal agencies to bring to notice the unique problems faced by the Sikh community in today’s day and age.


The Sikh Summit is a way for Sikhs to unite and hold meaningful dialogue with government to promote solutions on important civil and human rights issues, such as Profiling, Hate and Bias Crimes, Articles of Faith, Xenophobia, the Census, Border and Watch list Concerns, Employment Discrimination, and Immigration Issues.


This list is not exhaustive: Join the Sikh delegation and bring up issues that concern you and other members of your local sangat. What are some unique problems that Sikhs in your neighborhood face? UNITED SIKHS urges all community members and Gurdwara committees to organize talks within their community groups to assess what problems worry them the most, submit them, and join the Sikh delegation in DC to seek solutions to these important concerns.  

There is also the opportunity to represent your neighborhood at Capitol Hill, so please register so that we can seek a meeting with a representative from your region to discuss your interests and issues with the delegation. UNITED SIKHS will make all efforts to make sure that primarily issues of concern received from each region are accommodated in the Summit.

Sikh leaders met US lawmakers during a week-logn summit here and sought


Sikhs Raise Issues of Concern With US Lawmakers

Sikh leaders met US lawmakers during a week-long summit here and sought meaningful solutions to the issues of concerns to the community like discriminatory practices, hate crimes and the right to wear turban.

The 2010 Sikh Summit was organised by UNITED SIKHS as part of their ongoing advocacy projects to protect Sikh civil and human rights.

Community leaders and organisations from across the country gathered on the Capitol Hill and spoke on the issues of concern to Senators, Congress persons and members of government think-tanks.

Prominent among the issues discussed were a separate count of Sikhs in the census, the safety of Sikhs in Pakistan, and the right to wear turban in France and Belgium, mis-identification and watch-list issues, employment discrimination, and photo-identification issues.

"Sikh delegations were warmly received by representatives who lent an attentive ear to the concerns of the Sikh American community, and offered their support for issues such as discriminatory practices during air travel, injustices faced in form of xenophobia like hate crimes, bullying in schools etc, and procuring a separate code for Sikhs in future Census and American Community Surveys," a statement said.

Issues related to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) like Sikhs being singled out for additional screening or incorrectly detained due to mistaken identity, watch-list issues and lack of follow up on redress procedures gained considerable support among lawmakers, the United Sikh said.

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren sympathised with the plight of Sikhs discriminated at airports and detained during international travel.

Congressman John Garamendi agreed that there is a training issue, and lack of consistency in how these concerns are handled across airports.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's office and Senator Joe Lieberman shared the concern about arbitrary targeting of Sikhs in airports and lack of due process on TRIP complaints, and have offered assistance in furthering dialogue with TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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